by Adam Armstrong

Maxta Announces New Solutions Allowing Hyper-Convergence On Cumulus

Today Maxta announced new solutions today that will allow entire data centers to be built exclusively using industry-standard hardware. This will create simple, cost-effective, and powerful solutions giving customers greater platform choice. The new solutions enable hyper-convergence for environments built on Maxta software and using the Cumulus Linux operating system, for open networking on Cumulus Networks. Maxta is also now a member of the Cumulus Networks Technology Ecosystem Partner program.

Maxta solutions, such as MaxDeploy and their MxSP software, enable companies the choice of hyper-convergence on any standard x86 server, the ability to run on any compute abstraction layer, and the flexibility to support any combination of storage devices, including hybrid and all-flash. Maxta has enabled hyper-convergence for OpenStack and has its hyper-converged system running on Cisco Unified Computing System. Maxta’s goal is to continue to empower companies to hyper-converge and eliminate the need for SAN and NAS devices.

The new solutions are a combination of Maxta MaxDeploy hyper-convergence appliances and standard hardware running Cumulus Linux. This combination enables IT to simplify by eliminating the need for acquiring, maintaining, and managing proprietary hardware for network and storage. It also allows IT to focus managing applications in an automated manner by eliminating interoperability and performance guesswork.

The new solutions allow customers to leverage aspects of Maxta and Cumulus to deliver cloud infrastructure on industry-standard platforms without dedicated storage. Some of the aspects leveraged include:

  • Cumulus Networks Validated Design Guide for VMware vSphere
  • Cumulus Networks validated design for OpenStack based on Maxta hyper-convergence
  • Maxta data resiliency and high availability across hyper-converged hosts

With the combination of Maxta and Cumulus, customers can build cost-effective hyper-converged platform for private, hybrid, and public clouds that is simple, agile, and flexible.

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