by Adam Armstrong

Maxta Introduces Application-Defined Storage

Today Maxta announced that it was introducing a new facet to its hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), Application-Defined Storage. Maxta states that this will allow users to maximize the promise of hyper-convergence by allowing them to optimize their applications. Application-Defined Storage comes with the latest release of the Maxta Storage Platform (MxSP) and MaxDeploy appliances.

Maxta’s Application-Defined Storage enables users to take advantage of the benefits of traditional storage as well as hyperconverged. Application-Defined Storage allows users to define storage attributes independently for each application, aligning storage with applications without the cumbersome process of LUN management. With Application-Defined Storage, Maxta now enables the tuning of the virtual storage pool to the optimal configuration for a variety of workloads concurrently, including VDI, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server and Oracle Database. Application-Defined Storage enables users to fine tune IT resources to meet the needs of multiple applications within a single cluster.

Maxta’s MxSP software-defined storage solutions are highly flexible, running on any x86 server they also allow the use of any hypervisor and any combination of storage devices. Users can deploy the software on the system of their choice or on Maxta’s MaxDeploy appliances, that also come with lots of customization. Now with MxSP 3.1 and MaxDeploy appliances based on MxSP 3.1, customers can either utilize pre-defined templates or create custom policies for aligning individual applications with storage attributes such as number of replica copies, block size, rebuild priority, whether to enable data striping or data locality, compression, and read caching.


Application-Defined Storage is available now via download for existing customers and with all new deployments of MxSP and MaxDeploy appliances.

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