by Adam Armstrong

Memblaze Announces New PBlaze5 NVMe SSDs

At its Step Ahead event in Beijing, Memblaze Technology Co., Ltd. released two new NVMe SSDs. Both new are part of the PBlaze5 Series, with new lower power 500 series models and an expansion of the 900 series that brings even better performance and nearly 16TB of capacity. Both Series leverage 64-Layer enterprise level 3D NAND, a first in Asia. StorageReview was present for the launch, as well as one of the speakers.

The expanded 900 Series includes the PBlaze5 910 and 916. These are the higher performance, higher capacity drives. From a performance perspective, the new drives can hit 6GB/s sequential read, 1 million IOPS random read, and a read write latency of 89/11μs. The drives have two form factors, U.2 and HHHL, and have upward capacities of 15.36TB. The Series also has advanced features such as High-speed TRIM and Multiple-namespace, with higher QoS and more flexibility. The drive series also comes with better power usage and power-to-performance ratio. The company states that users can see random read/write IOPS per watt up to 70k/18k and sequential read/write bandwidth per watt up to 388/212 MB/s. Power consumption can be set by the user between 10W to25W (at 1W intervals) within 1ms.

Memblaze also launched a new PBlaze5 500 Series including the 510 and 516. These U.2, 2.5” drives range in capacity from 1.6TB to 3.84TB and have both 7mm and 15mm form factors. With performance, the drive can hit upwards of 3.2GB/s bandwidth and 540K IOPS. Also featuring low power consumption, the 500 Series consumes 4W at idle and 10W at typical usage. The 500 Series are available in dual-port for high availability and offers LDPC error correction, full data path protection, power failure protection and hot plugging, ensuring the high reliability, high availability and data security of the device.


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