by Lyle Smith

MemoRight Unveils the FTM Plus Slim [Storage Visions 2012]

Memoright has unveiled its 7mm ultrathin SATA III SSD solution, the FTM Plus Slim, which fits directly on HDD slots of the next-generation Intel Ultrabook models to optimize STAT III 6Gb/s interface's performance, delivering a read/write speed of up to 550/500 MB/s.

The FTM Plus Slim SSD is equipped with an exclusively-designed built-in voltage-stabilizing protection circuits and is able to shut down power to protect its data when facing irregular voltage and current by employing built-in OVP (over-voltage protection) and OCP (over-current protection) circuitry and ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection chips. For enthusiasts of notebook models (including the ThinkPad X220 we reviewed a few months back), upgrading to an SSD will significantly improve boot speed and read/write performance and will increase battery life and shock-resistant capability.

Though many next-generation sleek notebooks are built to fit 7mm HDDs or SSDs, most of SSDs are currently only available in a standard thickness of 9.5mm. This will soon change, however. The 7mm drive height will be an increasing trend in order to be compatible with Intel's Ultrabook specifications and with the Crucial m4 announced in 7mm last week, most SSD companies will start offering 7mm drives as a standard option.

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