by Michael Rink

MemVerge Works With Tencent to Accelerate Data Warehousing

Today, at the 2019 Flash Memory Summit, MemVerge announced that they had secured Tencent as a customer. Tencent was founded in 1998 in Shenzhen, China, and its Sparkling Data Warehouse Suite is a petabyte-level distributed cloud data warehouse.

The last time we covered MemVerge, they hadn't yet released their beta program. That was earlier this year, and now they already have a cloud provider using their product, so it is worth reviewing what the company does. MemVerge was founded in August 2017, shortly after Intel released its Optane SSDs. MemVerge's primary product is its Memory-Converged Infrastructure (MCI). MemVerge's software allows existing applications to transparently leverage Intel Optane drives to achieve what they claim is ten times the input/output speed of conventional all-flash servers and still have higher memory capacities. MemVerge also provides distributed memory objects (DMO) technology to accelerate data-intensive workloads such as AI, machine learning (ML), and analytics.

Tencent's Sparkling Data Warehouse Suite (SDWS) include an elastic cloud-native Spark application. Tencent will primarily be using MemVerge's software layer to provide a high-performance Spark solution on a non-volatile, memory-based converged infrastructure platform. MemVerge technology helps to increase performance and makes the Spark cluster more elastic thanks to the multiple operating modes of Intel's Optane drives.


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