by Michael Rink

Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine Enters General Availability

Today, Mesosphere announced the general availability of Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine (MKE) as part of the update to 1.12 for Mesosphere DC/OS. Mesosphere Kubernetes Engine delivers pure Kubernetes-as-a-Service on multi-cloud and edge with resource pooling. We covered it in September 2017 when the beta was initially released. Mesosphere’s distributed cloud operating system (DC/OS) aims to deliver any software technology “as-a-Service” across multi-cloud, datacenter, and edge.

DC/OS 1.12 adds improvements to secure multi-cloud operations, performance at scale, and real-time operational visibility. Mesosphere DC/OS 1.12 gives IT organizations the security and control to operate edge and multi-cloud infrastructures from a single control plane. It pairs well with MEK to manage Kubernetes clusters spread across multiple cloud providers to be managed from a single platform.

At the same time Mesosphere is finalizing MKE they're also bringing a new feature to public beta. Mesosphere Jupyter Service (MJS) simplifies the delivery of Jupyter Notebooks, popular with data scientists, to streamline how they build and deliver AI-enabled services. By opting into the beta data scientists get instant access to the Jupyter Notebooks interactive computing environment, preconfigured with all the tools they need to be productive. Mesophere is hoping MJS will eliminate the need for dedicated gateway infrastructures for analytics and model training. 


Mesosphere DC/OS 1.12 is available now.

Mesosphere DC/OS

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