by Adam Armstrong

Mesosphere Launches Kubernetes Beta On DC/OS 1.10

Today Mesosphere launched a beta of Kubernetes on its DC/OS. This beta will provide customers with a platform for running both stateless and stateful services with a common set of security, maintenance, and management tools. The company is also releasing the latest version of DC/OS, version 1.10. This version adds capabilities making it more secure, resilient, and a high-performance platform to power containerized applications and data services.

As stated above, DC/OS v1.10 provides a high-performing, secure, and resilient platform to run data-rich applications. Its partner ecosystem is continuing to grow. The latest release includes production-ready deployments of tools from Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Confluent Kafka, DataStax Enterprise, Elasticsearch, and Hadoop Distributed File System. The latest update now provides DC/OS with the broadest choice of data services and container orchestration tools and is able to run on just about any infrastructure or cloud.

New features include:

  • Improved security features, including custom certification authority integration, file based secrets, provides operators the tools they need to securely run multi-tenant services and enables applications to securely share digital certificates
  • Additional upgrade capabilities help maintain uptime and simplifies disaster recovery with minimal effort. DC/OS now enables you to easily backup and restore application configurations, perform live upgrades of data services, and automatically validate DC/OS upgrades.
  • Guaranteed performance and isolation for applications and services with a flexible, high-performance networking stack and DC/OS edge load balancer. Our new high performance L4/L7 ingress load balancer makes it easy to expose any application or service inside a DC/OS cluster to the outside world.
  • Enhanced Services SDK makes it easy to add new services to the DC/OS catalog, while providing a strong baseline of reliability and robustness. DC/OS 1.10 now certifies production-ready data services, including Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Elastic, HDFS, Confluent Kafka, and Datastax DSE.

Running Kubernetes on DC/OS 1.10 enables development teams to choose container orchestrators as easily as they choose data services, CI/CD, or networking tools. Though in beta now, Kubernetes will soon allow operators to easily install, scale and upgrade multiple production-grade Kubernetes clusters (even of different versions) on Mesosphere DC/OS. Kubernetes for Docker container orchestration can now be offered “as a service” by infrastructure owners. And DC/OC 1.10 combined with Kubernetes can provide an experience like the public cloud providers’ container engines within owned data centers or across hybrid cloud infrastructure.


DC/OS 1.10 is available for download today. Mesosphere will release regular updates to the Kubernetes beta over the next several months as it nears general availability.


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