by Adam Armstrong

Metalogix Announces ControlPoint 7.0

Today Metalogix announced the latest version of its ControlPoint software, version 7.0. ControlPoint 7.0 will help protect SharePoint from data breaches and leakages by delivering real-time situational awareness into suspicious user activity. To further provide powerful security, ControlPoint 7.0 is combined with Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager delivering a new era of unified management software that optimizes the availability, performance, and security of content across the collaboration lifecycle.

Nearly half of all organizations have suffered a security incident in the last year. With almost 60% of organizations using SharePoint for collaboration, SharePoint needs to be secure. ControlPoint aims to secure SharePoint with its intelligent monitoring and content awareness. It can pinpoint unauthorized access and lock the user out of SharePoint.

ControlPoint 7.0 analyzes and detects suspicious patterns of activity in SharePoint using real-time machine learning. This technology can help protect against both internal and external threats through continual monitoring and alerts on suspicious behavior, tracking behavior anomalies and unauthorized access based on geo-location. ControlPoint can help companies avoid data breaches and leakages by providing insight into what content is being accessed, where, when and by whom.

When combining ControlPoint 7.0 with Metalogix Sensitive Content Manager with strengthen the ability to secure information in SharePoint both on-premises and in the cloud such as personally identifiable information (PII). Similar to ControlPoint, Sensitive Content Manager is also powered by advanced machine learning technologies. Metalogix states that Sensitive Content Manager can do more than just locate and classify PII, it can provide a forensic analysis of the true nature of an organization's content.


ControlPoint 7.0 is available now


Sensitive Content Manager

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