by Adam Armstrong

Metalogix StoragePoint Achieves VSPEX Labs Validation

Today Metalogix announced that its Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) product, StoragePoint, has achieved VSPEX Labs Validation for EMC’s VSPEX Proven Infrastructure with Isilon. Vendors such as Metalogix can validate their offerings as part of a VSPEX solution in the EMC Lab through the VSPEX Ecosystem. Their channel partners benefit by now having a tested and validated solution along with a best practice deployment guide that describes the steps to deploy Metalogix StoragePoint on the VSPEX Proven Infrastructure with Isilon solution.

Metalogix has been around for over a decade and provides management tools for collaboration platforms. These platforms include: Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Exchange, Box, Dropbox, Amazon, and Google. Today Metalogix has over 20,000 clients using its tools every minute of every day to monitor, migrate, store, synchronize, archive, secure, and backup their collaboration platforms. Metalogix is a Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud, Collaboration and Content, and Application Development, an EMC Select Partner, and a GSA provider.

Metalogix StoragePoint externalizes SharePoint content to improve performance, scale, content security, backup/recovery and overall TCO. StoragePoint moves Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) from the SQL Server to external storage tiers such as a SAN, NAS, or the cloud. This will improve SharePoint performance, through tiering, and speed up backup times. Through the VSPEX validation, Metalogix enables customers to quickly deploy VSPEX solutions with less risk.

Along with the VSPEX validation, Metalogix also announced support for Isilon’s SmartLock feature. SmartLock sets a designated amount of time on data that prevents alteration or deletion. This acts to protect data from accidental, premature, or even malicious deletion. StoragePoint will now apply SmartLock specifications to all existing and new content. Administrators will be able to create new rules based on SharePoint events and define policies for SmartLock usage on SharePoint.


VSPEX Labs Validated StoragePoint is available now.

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