by Adam Armstrong

Micro Focus Announces GA Of Its Service Management Automation-X

Today Micro Focus announced what it refers to as the industry’s first, container-based, multi-tenet, service management solution, Service Management Automation-X (SMA-X). The new solution is all about simplifying end user experience while at the same time driving down operation costs through the use of advanced analytics. SMA-X is available for deployment on premise virtualized, on bare metal, or on public cloud infrastructure.

Organizations and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) need flexible and cost-effective ways to address their most stringent SLAs. SMA-X is designed to address these issues with full data sovereignty ensuring the security and location of service data and meeting customers’ data privacy and compliance requirements. SMA-X offers the first solution with Smart Ticketing featuring advanced image recognition and is stated as the only service experience that offers a chatbot powered virtual agent, smart email, integrated social networking and a mobile application.

Key enhancements and capabilities to Service Management Automation-X include:

  • Container-Based Delivery – Provides customers a modern foundation to build and deploy advanced IT solutions – that can run in any environment – with control of their data sovereignty as a result of better managing where the data is stored.
  • Runs on the Public Cloud – Offers the ability to install and work with Service Management Automation-X instances for organizations that deploy on the Amazon Web Services ecosystem, enabling customers greater flexibility to run and store their applications and data.
  • Codeless and Version-less Configuration – Accelerates onboarding and reduces TCO with automated upgrades that enable quick, easy upgrades.
  • Modern User Experience – Gives the consumer the simplest service experience driven by analytics and automation.
    • Native Mobile Application complements our web service portal with a streamlined, highly usable native interface.
    • Virtual agents provide automated assistance with integrated live-chat or email.
    • Social collaboration features including ability to vote, “ask a friend”, or survey.
    • ChatOps bots enable collaboration between service agents and tools, resulting in faster resolutions and improving knowledge reuse.
  • Multi-tenant Managed Service Provider Support – Brings first-to-market multi-tenancy and high scalability, with deployment flexibility across on-premise and cloud for global and regional Managed Service Providers.
  • Enterprise Applications – Adds an array of analytics based applications - including operational project management, human resource workflow, application and service portfolio management, financial tracking, ideation and proposal management – to the existing catalog of service management applications.
  • Change and Hot Topics Analytics – Uses industry-leading IDOL analytics to improve change management and service agents.
  • Enhanced Smart Ticketing Analytics – Features the industry’s first Optical Character Recognition and machine learning system to accept and route service requests. 


Service Management Automation-X is available now.

Micro Focus

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