by Michael Rink

Micro Focus Releases Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage

Today at Pure//Accelerate 2019, Pure Storage’s annual user conference, Micro Focus announced the general availability of their Vertica analytics platform in Eon Mode for Pure Storage.

Vertica analytics platform in Eon Mode for Pure Storage is a mouthful of words, so let's pull it apart and see what each piece means. Vertica is a set of tools to analyze information stored in an SQL database. Eon Mode is a set of configurations for this set of tools. What makes Eon Mode special is that it allows Vertica customers to separate compute resources from data storage and better control costs. Previously this mode, and thus the cost savings were focused on the AWS ecosystem, but now Micro Focus is extending the same cost savings opportunities to Pure Storage.

Pure Storage is a company founded in 2009 and primarily provides all-flash data-storage products and services. By extending Vertica Eon Mode support to Pure Storage products, Micro Focus is able to serve customers who are either unwilling or unable to release their data into the public cloud and need an on-premise storage solution, such as those offered by Pure Storage. 

Some of the new services Micro Focus is looking to provide through Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage includes:

  • Elastically scaling on-premise storage
  • Reduced costs by eliminating database replication
  • Limit computations to “hot data” instead of the entire database
  • Support for hybrid public-private clouds that feature the same “tech stack” for on-premise and in the cloud



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