by Adam Armstrong

Micron 1300 SSD Announced

Today Micron Technology Inc. announced its latest cost-effective SSD for client use, the Micron 1300 SSD. The 1300 is based off of the company’s prior 1100 SSD series and leverages 96-Tier 3D NAND. The drive has a SATA interface and comes in both 2.5” and M.2 form factor in capacities up to 2TB (for the 2.5” version).

HDD is not quite gone in the consumer market but it is slowly fading from the scene. SSD are replacing these lower performing and power hungry devices. This is a great opportunity for SSD vendors, like Micron, to swoop in with cost-effective replacements. That was the Micron 1100 SSD series and now its first 96-layer client drive, the Micron 1300 SSD. The 1300 series leverages TLC 3D NAND and can provide speeds of 530MB/s read and 520MB/s write as well as throughput up to 90K IOPS read and 87K IOPS write. The drive comes in a 2.5” form factor up to 2TB and a M.2 form factor up to 1TB. And switching to SSDs saves power using only 75mW in read and writes, important in laptops where users need the extra battery life. 

The 1300 SSD comes with Micron’s adaptive thermal monitoring feature to limit heat generation. The drive has the option of coming in Opal SED for encryption for data-at-rest without performance degradation. And the 1300 has the SANITIZE CRYPTO SCRAMBLE command for the user to erase, repurpose, and retire the SSD with a click of a button.

Micron 1300 STAT TLC SSD Specifications

  • From factor: M.2, 2.5”
  • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
  • Capacities: 256GB | 512GB | 1TB | 2TB
  • Performance
    • Sequential Read (MB/s): 530
    • Sequential Write (MB/s): 520
    • Random Read (IOPS): 58K | 90K | 90K | 90K
    • Random write (IOPS): 87K
  • Endurance (TBW) 180 | 300 | 400 | 400
  • MTTF 1.5 million hours
  • DEVSLP: 5mW | 5mW | 5mW | 10mW

Micron 1300 SSD

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