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Micron Accelerated Solutions Introduced

Today Micron Technology Inc. announced that it is now creating a set of purpose-built, scale-out solutions for open source and software-defined data centers, Micron Accelerated Solutions. When one thinks of Micron it generally centers around what they are known for: memory and storage. In order to bring these new solutions to market, Micron is close collaboration with hardware and software companies including VMware, Supermicro and Nexenta.

Along with the new Micron Accelerated Solutions, Micron is also announcing its new Micron Storage Solutions Center (MSSC) in Austin. Micron intends to use the new MSSC as a hub for its innovations as well as the home of engineering for Micron Accelerated Solutions. Micron plans to use the MSSC lab to work with customers to enhance their experience with Micron products. The MSSC lab will serve as both Micron’s research center and where they plan on revealing future news.

Micron feels that traditional data center hardware (frame-based arrays filled with bays of spinning media separated from compute) won’t be capable of maximizing Big Data. Companies using traditional approaches won’t be able to maximize their ability to analyze and store Big Data thus getting the most out of it. Micron’s Accelerated Solutions are built to address the demands and challenges of Big Data while giving customers better insights and value.

Micron’s new Accelerated Solutions include:

  • Micron Accelerated VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes – Partnering with Supermicro and VMware, Micron is releasing all-flash Ready Nodes that pack the benefits of a fully integrated hyper-converged compute and storage solution. The Ready Nodes come in three models: the Micron Virtual SAN AF-4, AF-6, and AF-8. Micron claims that their Ready Nodes offer up to 40x the IOPs and bandwidth, as well as low as 1/40th the latency of hybrid Virtual SAN implementations. The Ready Nodes take full advantage of all the new features that come with VSAN 6.2. Micron states that its Ready Nodes can be purchased for as low as $0.44/GB (effective capacity) which includes the full MSRP of all server hardware, software and a three-year support.
    • Specifications:
      • Configuration: AF-4 | AF-6 | AF-8
      • Cache (per node): 1.2TB (2x 600GB M510DC) | 1.2TB (2x 600GB M510DC) | 1.8TB (3x 600GB M510DC)
      • Cache SSDs: HDS-2TM-MTFDDAK600MBP-16
      • Capacity (raw/node, no RAID): 7.68TB | 11.52TB | 20.16TB
      • Capacity (raw/node, RAID 5): 5.77TB | 8.66TB | 15.16TB
      • Effective node capacity: Up to 40.42TB | Up to 60.62TB | Up to 106.12TB
      • Capacity SSDs: HDS-2TM-MTFDDAK960MBP-16
      • Storage controller (per node): AOC-S3108L-H8iR SAS (2) | AOC-S3108L-H8iR SAS (2) | AOC-S3108L-H8iR SAS (3)
      • CPU: 2x E5-2650v4 | 2x E5-2650v4 | 2x E5-2690v4
      • Memory: 16x 16GB 2400 MHz ECC DDR4 | 16x 16GB 2400 MHz ECC DDR4 | 16x 32GB 2400 MHz ECC DDR4
      • Networking:
        • Dual-port RJ45 or SFP + 10 Gb/E
        • Quad-port SFP + 10 Gb/E
        • Quad-port 40G QSFP (Mellanox)
        • Dual-port 40G QSFP (Mellanox)
  • Micron Accelerated Ceph Storage Solution – Again working with Supermicro, this new open source object storage solution runs on Linux software and hits one million IOPS while reaching 140Gbps throughput. This all-flash Ceph storage solution provides a solid foundation for large private clouds. Micron states that this will help businesses deal with the explosive data demands that are fueled by big data applications and by pervasive mobile devices.
  • Micron Accelerated NexentaEdge Solution – Working with Nexenta, the two companies are designing and optimizing an all-flash, scale-out software-defined storage solution. Currently a proof of concept (PoC) with a possible release date in the fall of 2016, this solution is built to deliver to deliver high-performance Block (iSCSI & Cinder) and Object (Swift & S3) storage services that offers a scale-out, open source cluster for OpenStack cloud computing, virtualized infrastructures and container architectures. The solution will also deliver cluster-wide inline deduplication and compression, providing customers with, what Micron claims as the added benefit of up to eight times greater usable capacity compared to raw capacity. For disaster recover, the solution also provides real-time self-balancing and unlimited instant snapshots and clones.

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