by Adam Armstrong

Micron Announces New microSD Cards For Surveillance At The Edge

Today Micron Technology, Inc. announced a new portfolio of microSD cards designed for video surveillance and storage at the edge. These new industrial microSD cards, with capacities as high as 256GB, are designed to be used in both commercial and enterprise surveillance with the promise of lower costs and speeding deployments. To accelerate the adoption of edge recording for surveillance, Micron is collaborating with Shenzhen Security and Protection Industry Association (SSPIA) and China channel partner, Jinyu Global.

While surveillance grows and grows there is still the issue of losing power or connection and thus losing potentially valuable data in the process. One solution is have storage on the edge at the cameras in the form of SD cards resulting in more reliable recording. Using SD cards can be problematic as they are not typically designed to work in a 24x7 environment. Micron’s new industrial microSD cards are designed for higher endurance and reliability, with a quoted mean time between failure of 3 million hours. The new cards leverage Micron’s 64-tier 3D NAND technology for capacities up to 256GB.

Features include:

  • Storage densities of 32GB, 64GB, and forthcoming ultra-high-densities of 128GB and 256GB, which enable more video to be stored at the edge, giving system designers increased flexibility
  • Over three years of high-quality, continuous, 24x7 video recording in a wide range of temperatures and environments
  • Technology for the cards to self-monitor and provide information on card usage and expected useful life remaining for each card
  • Special firmware designed for continuous video recording, which minimizes frame drops and video loss


The 32GB and 64GB versions of the Micron industrial microSD cards are available now. The 128GB and 256GB versions are scheduled to begin general sampling in early 2018 and volume shipments by the second quarter of 2018.

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