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Micron Announces SSD Portfolio Expansion

Today at Micron’s Insight event in San Francisco, Micron has announced two new additions to their portfolio of SSDs; the 7300 Series of NVMe SSDs and the 5300 Series of SATA SSDs. These SSDs have been purpose-built to offer value and performance for the data center environment. The Micron 7300 Series of NVMe SSDs offers a complete NVMe platform ideal for NVMe flash storage in data centers across a wide spectrum of virtualized, I/O-sensitive workloads, and high throughput environments. Additionally, by utilizing 96-layer 3D TLC NAND it delivers low power and reduced total cost of ownership for cloud customers. The Micron 5300 series of SATA SSDs leverages innovations in NAND technology to bring cost-effect enterprise SATA SSDs built on 96-layer TLC NAND to the market. This series modernizes and further extends Micron’s broad SATA portfolio offering enhanced performance, security, and reliability as well as an above-average mean time to failure of 3 million device hours.

The Micron 7300 series of NVMe SSDs delivers a complete NVMe platform built for workloads that demand high throughput and low latency while staying within budget. This series offers end-to-end NVMe, including system startup, storing, and caching, all in a single drive family. Data centers can benefit from expanding NVMe use to more than just top workloads and with an approachable price point micron aims to roll out NVMe for the masses with this series. 

Key Benefits:

  • NVMe Performance; Approachable Price Point 
    • Get up to 6X the performance of enterprise SATA SSDs at comparable prices.
  • Single Port or Dual Port 
    • Choose simple, scalable in-platform single port or dual path, external storage controller dual port, dual controller designs (enabling outside the drive redundancy) so storage systems can share the IO load for failover, high availability, or custom uses.
  • Micron’s 96-Layer NAND Technology 
  • Best Workloads for Micron 7300 
    • Mixed read/write IO and in-platform compute.
    • Online transaction processing (OLTP), demanding high, consistent transaction rates, with low power. 
    • Block and object stores: Vast pools of blocks and objects, massive streaming in less space. 
    • Emerging applications and read-intensive emerging applications (like machine learning).
  • A Cloud Pleaser
    • On-prem and off-prem cloud platforms support workloads at an immense scale. The Micron 7300 delivers the low-latency and high-performance combo that the cloud demands with an average 25µs write latency, 2 up to 520K random read IOPS, and up to 3.0 GB/s read and 1 GB/s write throughput.

Key 7300 Specs:

  • Capacity: Up to 7.68 TB
  • Performance
    • Read: Up to 3,000 MB/s
    • Write: Up to 1,900 MB/s
  • Interface: PCIe Gen3 1x4, 2x2 NVMe 
  • Form Factor: U.2 (2.5-inch, 7mm), M.2 (22x80, 22x110)
  • NAND: Micron 3D TLC NAND
  • Avg. Latency: Random read 90µs; Random write 25µs
  • MTTF: 2 million device hours

The Micron 5300 series of SATA SSDs brings security and innovation in addition to high-performance, consistency, and reliability on a proven architecture. This series aims to modernize, economize, and maximize data center upgrades and be the SATA solution for those moving to all-flash storage. 

Key Benefits:

  • 96-Layer NAND SATA 
    • With the industry’s first cost-effective, 96-layer, 3D TLC NAND for SATA, the Micron 5300 modernizes your data center with high performance, affordability, and consistent performance. Choose from market-friendly M.2 (22x80mm) and 2.5-inch form factors.
  • Security for Your Data
    • Solid, secure firmware-based security includes options for TCG Enterprise, TCG Opal 2.0 to support on-device encryption for SEDs, and ATA Security. The 5300 also includes power-loss protection for data at-rest and inflight, as well as enterprise data path protection for user and metadata.
  • Performance for Read-Intensive, Mixed-Use 
    • Take advantage of the Micron 5300 optimizations for read-intensive and mixed-use workloads. Your cloud and data centers will show strong performance for media streaming, online transaction processing (OLTP), block and object stores, business intelligence and data SS, and small random block. The Micron 5300 PRO delivers in the capacity tier on VDI/ virtualization, while the Micron 5300 MAX delivers on the capacity tier. 
  • Broadest SATA Portfolio Gives You Options 
    • Micron’s long-term commitment to the enterprise SATA SSD space means you have options in how you move to an all-flash future. Extend your SATA infrastructure from 240GB boot drives (a new model for robust startup that keeps data storage slots available), to high-capacity 8TB SSDs. 

Key 5300 Specs:

  • Capacity: Up to 7.68 TB
  • Performance: 
    • Read: Up to 540 MB/s
    • Write: Up to 520 MB/s
  • Interface: SATA (6 Gb/s)
  • Form Factor: 2.5-inch: 7mm M.2: 22x80mm
  • NAND: Micron 96-layer 3D TLC NAND
  • 99.9% Latency: Random read 175µs to 200µs; Random write 100µs to 650µs
  • MTTF: 3 million device hours

With this announcement, Micron broadens options available for enterprise storage. These new SSDs are dependable, fast, and secure and cater to a wide range of performance and capacity needs. Both of the new series offer approachable price points and feature Micron’s 96 layer NAND technology. When looking for a complete NVMe platform ideal for broad deployment, mixed read-write, compute, and virtualized workloads Micron’s 7300 series of NVMe SSDs is the solution. The Micron 7300 offers affordability, low latency, and high-performance NVMe SSDs. The Micron 5300 is the SATA SSD solution to refresh your data center and gain performance upgrades with expanded data security. The 5300 is optimized for read-intensive and mixed-use workloads and offers high-performance for media streaming, online transaction processing (OLTP), block and object stores, business intelligence and data SS, and small random block.

Micron 3D NAND SSDs

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