by Adam Armstrong

Micron Releases New SAS SSD Line, S600DC

Today Micron Technology announced a new series of SAS SSDs, The S600DC series. The new series builds off of Micron’s established reliability and is workload-optimized for continuous availability of 24/7 enterprise applications. This is Micron’s first product as a result of their strategic partnership with Seagate announced in February.

Flash, and in particular SAS SSDs, are seeing an ever-increasing adoption in enterprise deployments. SAS SSDs are seeing a 59% growth rate per year. Businesses want the performance enhancements that come with flash, especially in industries that have data intensive applications such as credit card transactions and health records processing. These industries need high availability and reliability which is what the S600DC series aims to offer. The series, which includes the S610DC, S630DC and S650DC, uses Micron’s trusted flash to deliver performance, enterprise-hardened reliability, capacity, and encryption demanded by today’s storage architects.

Key features include:

  • Industry-leading storage density with up to 4TB-class capacity in a 2.5-inch form factor
  • High performance of the dual-port interface can provide up to 1800MB/s sequential read performance or high data availability with failover redundancy
  • Power loss protection maintains data integrity and prevents the loss of user data in flight in the event of unexpected power interruptions
  • Superior data protection and reliability is achieved by combining full internal and external data path protection and multi-layered error recovery technology with advanced error detection/correction encoding optimized for NAND media
  • Multiple layers of security including secure diagnostics and download that help prevent malicious attacks, self-encrypting drive capability secures user data, and FIPS certification to ensure the drive meets stringent security standards


The S600DC series is in production and will sell directly to data center equipment manufacturers and through Micron's distribution partners.

Micron SAS SSDs

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