by Josh Shaman

Micron Sampling 16nm 128Gb MLC NAND

Micron is announcing the sampling of its 16nm, 128Gb MLC NAND flash memory devices, which are now the smallest in the industry. The 16nm, 128Gb solution along with Micron's other 128Gb offerings are designed for applications in devices such as SSDs, USB thumb drives and flash memory cards, tablets, ultrathin devices and data center cloud storage. The news of Micron's latest engineering feat further drives the notion of Micron's leadership in the space. In fact, the new 16nm, 128Gb NAND Flash memory delivers the most bits per square millimeter and lowest cost of any MLC device - obviously significant for customers.

The challenge related to NAND is always in driving down the expenses of course. In this case, the new 16nm offering delivers an even smaller NAND lithography in order to both drive down costs and increase potential capacity. In doing so, Micron says that there now could be as much as 6TB of storage on a single wafer.

Micron is currently sampling the 16nm, 128Gb MLC NAND with select partners. Plans call for full production in Q4 2013. Micron is also working on new SSDs that will utilize the 16nm MLC NAND, and they are expected to ship in 2014.

Micron NAND Flash

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