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Micron Unveils New Portfolio Of NVMe SSDs

Today Micron Technology, Inc. announced its new portfolio of PCIe SSDs using NVMe. The new portfolio, including the Micron 9100 (partnering with Memblaze) and 7100 PCIe SSDs, has been created with the data center in mind, helping customers implement an agile, scale-out IT infrastructure. These new drives expand upon Micron’s existing SATA and SAS SSDs including the S600DC, which is now shipping in volume.

More and more customers are moving toward server-based storage. This is in large part due to Big Data that is being generated by mobile devices and social media. Cloud computing is also contributing to the move toward server-based storage. Micron states that many hyperscale companies that are using server-based storage have already deployed Micron’s memory and storage in their data centers and report consistent, accelerated access to their data from anyplace and any device.

The new Micron NVMe drives include the 9100 and 7100. The Micron 9100 NVMe PCIe SSD leverages Micron’s partnership with Memblaze and is designed to deliver maximum data speeds in the most demanding environments by placing the nonvolatile memory as close to the processor as possible. Micron claims that companies can see up to 10x speeds compared to data center SATA SSDs. The 9100 comes in both HHHL and 2.5” U.2 form factor and 3.2TB of capacity for both read-centric and mixed-used applications. If the drives looks familiar, it does have a very similar design to the 2.5” and Edge cards from Memblaze we recently reviewed. And the Memblaze were strong performers:

Micron’s other new NVMe SSD is the 7100. The 7100 also offers lower latencies and a performance advantage over SATA SSDs. The 7100 comes in both 7mm U.2 form factor and M.2 form factor. These dense designs use roughly half as many watts as a standard high-performance NVMe SSD.


And Micron is now shipping its S600DC SSDs (created with Seagate) in volume. These SSDs run up to almost 4TB in capacity and are geared for modernizing data centers by replacing 15K HDDs. Micron’s S600DC is also taking on the stigma of SSDs being too expensive to put in a data center by offering a 27% lower acquisition cost. Not only does the S600Dc series offer higher capacity at a reasonable price compared to a 15K HDD, using its 12Gb/s SAS dual port bandwidth, the S610DC and S630DC provide up to 380x the performance of a single 15K RPM SAS HDD.

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