by Adam Armstrong

Microsoft Releases Azure Stack Technical Preview 3

This week Microsoft announced the availability to download Azure Stack Technical Preview 3 (TP3). The new update contains new features to enable more modern application capabilities, running in locations without connections to Azure and new infrastructure and security enhancements. Azure Stack will be now priced on a pay-as-you-use model.

Microsoft Azure offers several benefits from its tight integration with other Microsoft products to high reliability and strong support. Azure Stack can take some of the benefits of Azure and extend them to on-premises. Companies can work on applications and processes and have them transferable between Azure and Azure Stack. Azure Stack allows for IaaS and PaaS services to be ran on-premises. This bolsters the need for hybrid cloud adoption and allows applications to be more easily moved. Azure Stack is delivered through integrated systems that are designed to continuously incorporate Azure innovation in a predictable, non-disruptive manner.

As hybrid cloud solutions are being more standard in businesses, the Azure Stack highlights a handful of use-cases ideal for itself. Latency and connectivity can be an issue with certain data and applications. Using Azure Stack, the data can be processed locally and then moved to Azure for other needs such as analytics. Legacy applications can lag behind cloud-based applications, but with Azure Stack web and mobile services, containers, serverless, and microservice architectures and be brought to these legacy applications to update them. Using both Azure and Azure Stack can help companies meet any and all regulations about where data must be stored.

New features include:

  • Deploy with ADFS for disconnected scenarios
  • Start using Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets for scale out workloads
  • Syndicate content from the Azure Marketplace to make available in Azure Stack
  • Use Azure D-Series VM sizes
  • Deploy and create templates with Temp Disks that are consistent with Azure
  • Take comfort in the enhanced security of an isolated administrator portal
  • Take advantage of improvements to IaaS and PaaS functionality
  • Use enhanced infrastructure management functionality, such as improved alerting


Microsoft Azure Technical Preview 3 is available for download now. TP3 is expected to be the last technical preview before general availability.

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