by Adam Armstrong

Mirantis Launches Multi-Cloud CaaS With AWS Support

Today Mirantis announced that it is expanding its Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) to run across Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack, and bare metal. This new Multi-Cloud moves MCP beyond private cloud to help users ease their management of hybrid clouds across the above-mentioned services. The newly updated MCP will also enable multi-cloud self-service Kubernetes clusters through Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS), improving container deployment and adoption for developers and operators alike.

Kubernetes is one of the fastest-growing open source projects, with use expected to continue to climb as companies increasingly evolve towards cloud-native software development. At the same time, companies are looking to leverage CaaS solutions while avoiding vendor lock in. The updated version of Mirantis Cloud Platform addresses these issues helping companies accelerate their innovation and use CaaS as a component of their digital transformation.

Mirantis states that MCP CaaS supports the use of K8s on OpenStack instances on-premises, AWS instances, or both; with additional public cloud options coming soon. That latest version also comes with an intuitive web interface helping developers easily create and control their own Kubernetes based containers. The CaaS offering (like all other components within MCP) utilizes the DriveTrain lifecycle management toolchain, enabling enterprises to standardize on a single open standards-based tool for both OpenStack and multi-cloud Kubernetes, improving ease of use across public and private clouds.

Along with the new CaaS offering, Mirantis’ new MCP also enhanced StackLight, its suite of Operations Support System (OSS) tools, and expanded update/upgrade capabilities for DriveTrain. StackLight now has a DevOps portal providing a holistic view of the MCP environment. Mirantis goes on to state that this new aggregated toolset significantly reduces the complexity of Day 2 cloud operations through services and dashboards around a high degree of automation, availability statistics, resource utilization, capacity utilization, continuous testing, logs, metrics and notifications.


The new Mirantis Cloud Platform with support for AWS and CaaS is available now.

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