by Adam Armstrong

Nasuni Announces The GA Of File Services 7.5

Today Nasuni announce the availability of the latest version of its Nasuni File Services, version 7.5. This updated version features upgrades to the Nasuni Management Console, improved support for OS X and key engineering applications, and the ability to side load local filers. Nasuni is also announcing that individual storage volumes within its cloud-native filesystem, UniFS, have been qualified up to one billion files, with no technical restriction on expanding beyond 1 billion and no limit on the number of volumes that can be created.

Upgrading to 7.5 improves Nasuni’s Management Console in a handful of areas. 7.5 improves the capabilities of the Management Console by adding new search functionalities and improving the GUI. The GUI will now display key statistics for each individual edge appliance. Along with the GUI improvements and new search functionalities, Nasuni’s Management Console now has improved alerting capabilities: adding granular-level alerts that can notify administrators about load thresholds, quotas, and more, with increased notification functionalities.

Within different companies across the industry there are multiple different applications, devices, and OS’s being used. Nasuni announced expanded support for a number of critical design and engineering applications. Nasuni is also offering OS X users advanced settings for better performance with Microsoft Office applications and with creative, design and marketing applications from Adobe. Nasuni is also offering extended support for critical engineering applications like ArcGIS and AutoCAD providing faster sync times and improved performance.

To enhance DR and migration preparation to new edge appliances, Nasuni introduced the ability to side load edge appliances. Side loading acts similar to cache, active files are pre-populated in the new appliance from the old one. This will give users better performance and speed up data transfers.


Nasuni File Services 7.5 is available now.

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