by Michael Rink

Nasuni Releases Cloud File Services Updates

Nasuni today announced an update to their Cloud File Services. The update will impact all of Nasuni's services which share a common core UniFS file system. UniFS stores files and metadata in object storage then caches active data wherever high-performance access is needed on Nasuni Edge Appliances – stateless virtual machines or hardware appliances that can be located on-premises or in the cloud. Nasuni plans to host a webinar about the changes on September 27th titled “Never Move Data Again: Combined NAS & Archive in One Cloud Solution.”

IDC estimates the average enterprise is doubling its data every two years, and 80% of this new data is unstructured file data. Historically, due to the limitations of traditional storage technologies, enterprises have been forced to label this data as primary or secondary, store the primary data on ever-larger file servers and NAS devices, and migrate the secondary data to lower-cost archive tiers for long-term retention. Nasuni offers a rather nice feature to address this issue. Their PRIMARY tier shares the same platform as Nasuni ARCHIVE to consolidate primary and secondary file data in one global file system. As PRIMARY files become inactive, they are automatically reclassified as Nasuni ARCHIVE. For companies that have data at a higher tier than it needs, this potentially offers an opportunity to reduce costs.

The information we got from Nasuni indicates that the update will include:

  • Integration with Syslog that enables Nasuni events to be reported on and analyzed
  • Performance increase in data propagation across sites when using their Global Volume Manager or Global File Lock technologies
  • More efficient global configuration changes through the Nasuni Management Console (NMC)
  • Better performance when browsing large directories in Nasuni’s web browser client



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