by Adam Armstrong

NetApp Announced EF600 Series

Today NetApp announced a new EF-Series, the EF600 series. This end-to-end NVMe series is aimed at the midrange. The company goes on to state that the EF600 series helps midrange IT improve flexibility and business agility while helping them develop new insights for performance sensitive workloads. 

Everyone wants their applications to work and respond quickly. There are a new batch of applications that need high speed and low latency. While these high-performance applications were once thought of something for the higher ends of enterprise, many in the midrange are using them now too. To this end, NetApp has announced the end-to-end NVMe EF600 series. The new series will double the performance of the current all-flash SAS-based arrays. The series is purpose-built for high-performance workloads, said to accelerate write IOPS and read/write throughput. 

Looking at performance, NetApp claims that the EF600 arrays are able to deliver up to 2 million sustained IOPS with 44GB/s of throughput as well. For 4K random IOPS to latency, NetApp claims the EF600 can hit 200K at <100µs, and 2 million IOPS at <250µs. The company claims a leading price to performance ratio for enterprise workloads. For those that are looking to scale without adding management complexity, the EF600 has a modular design to easily fit this bill. 

NetApp Flash Arrays

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