by Adam Armstrong

NetApp Announces Combined Solutions For VMware Platforms

Today at VMworld 2019, NetApp announced several new combined solutions for VMware platforms that can accelerate VMware workloads while easing the ability to run applications in any environment. These include a new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution, NetApp HCI for VDI with VMware Horizon 7 and NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) and NetApp HCI Implementation Services for VMware Private Cloud. 

Business needs seem to be forever changing but higher performance, scalability, agility, and affordability are always the main drivers. For VMware admins trying to create, deploy, and maintain server infrastructure, these challenges are high. At times, tradeoffs happy making one aspect better at the cost of others. NetApp intends to address these issues with its new solutions that it claims enables VMware admins to efficiently manage and monitor their environments, scale up or down as required, and secure and protect their data wherever it resides.

NetApp’s new solutions for VMware include:

  • NetApp Kubernetes Service (NKS) on VMware. NKS now supports a fully managed Kubernetes service on VMware vSphere, no matter where the VMware infrastructure is being run. NKS eliminates and reduces the complexity of deploying and managing on-premises Kubernetes clusters and their application workload, delivering enterprise capabilities such as in-place upgrades, role-based access control (RBAC), application lifecycle management, multicloud and hybrid-cloud configurations, and Istio service mesh automation – all backed by NetApp’s Enterprise SLA.
  • NetApp HCI for VDI. The NetApp HCI portfolio now includes simple, GPU-enabled nodes to accelerate high-performance, 3D virtual desktop infrastructure environments. The new offerings dramatically improve performance for power users who use complicated, data-intensive applications like medical imaging, CAD/CAM, and other technical and scientific applications that require special attention to run effectively in virtualized desktop environments:
    • The new NetApp HCI for VDI with VMware Horizon 7 solution supports all major third-party VDI solutions with VMware Horizon. Customers can easily install, expand, and upgrade capabilities while adding storage and compute independently.
    • The new H615C compute node is the latest version of our expanding GPU portfolio for high-performance technical and scientific apps. It offers guaranteed performance levels and can be provisioned by discrete workload.
  • NetApp HCI Implementation Service for VMware Private Cloud. Implement an integrated solution for accelerating the deployment of a private cloud platform to meet business needs today and easily scale for the future. NetApp’s new turnkey acquisition and implementation service delivers the expertise to build a scalable, preconfigured, and easily consumable private cloud – with the simplicity and convenience of NetApp HCI and the power of a VMware-based private cloud – that is application ready for critical workloads. By aligning the technical platform with required cloud business outcomes, NetApp can help accelerate the deployment of a VMware-based private cloud so that organizations can be confident that the new platform can scale easily and rapidly.


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