by Michael Rink

NetApp Announces New Data Management Services At Insight 2018

NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced MAX Data, Flash Performance Guarantee, StorageGRID SG6060, NetApp Solution Support for FlexPod, and ONTAP 9.5 at their Insight 2018 event. These new data services and solutions further extend the NetApp Data Fabric across edge, core, and cloud and enable organizations. We tested out ONTAP's last update in our lab and found it worked exactly how you'd want enterprise storage to be updated.

MAX Data leverages persistent memory in servers to deliver memory-like ultra-low latency and flash-like capacity. Both new and existing customers can use MAX Data without needing to modify their application code. Netapp expects it to improve efficiency and allow customers to use fewer servers to achieve similar or better performance. MAX Data is expected to speed application data recovery; especially with data protection services for persistent memory in servers. Most importantly it accelerates the performance of application-level data, enabling faster processing of data for AI applications and real-time data analytics.

With Flash Performance Guarantee NetApp is offering a bold promise; the performance guarantee provides a consistent latency of 500µs or less. This allows customers to consume AI applications with the confidence of predictable low latency. It pairs fantastically with NetApp's new StorageGRID SG6060 with Flash-accelerated object storage. 

On top of all these other new services, NetApp is also offering a support team contract for FlexPod. The support team will be trained on key components of the entire solution — storage, storage network, OS, LAN networking, and hypervisor. As an added bonus, NetApp is also allowing support customers to use their Converged System Advisor (CSA) software to provide a single-pane view of the system’s health.


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