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NetApp Announces Updates to Backup and Recovery Portfolio

NetApp has announced a range of different backup and recovery products as well as updates to existing solutions, including Cloud Backup Service, Azure NetApp Files Backup and NetApp SaaS Backup.

The Cloud Backup Service is the company’s fully managed data protection solution that supports Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS (version 9.4 or later). Organizations can back up user data to cloud object storage with a quick-and-easy recovery process during data loss. It can also be used as a long-term data archive option. NetApp stresses that backups are independent copies of data and are stored on cloud object storage separate from primary volumes.

Pricing-wise, backups are stored on low-cost object storage and users only pay what they use.

NetApp indicates the following other features:

  • Requires little to no management. The service is enabled by default with new installations of Cloud Volumes ONTAP, making it ideal for IT generalists and application owners.
  • Cloud Backup Service is cost-effective, storing Snapshot copies of data volumes to low-cost cloud object storage.
  • Recovering a data volume is easy with only a few clicks.
  • Cloud Backup Service for Cloud Volumes ONTAP is available now with simple pay-as-you-go pricing and billing through an AWS account.

Also announced is Azure NetApp Files Backup: an integrated fully-managed data protection feature that works alongside Azure NetApp Files snapshots. It allows organizations to back up and recover Azure NetApp Files user data to Azure Blob Storage and, like Cloud Backup Service, can be used as a long-term data archival solution. Some of its features include:

  • Protection settings are available via the Azure NetApp Files interface or through the Azure resource provider API.
  • Offers global policy-based protection of Azure NetApp Files volumes with minimal user management, making it ideal for cloud architects, application owners, and IT generalists.
  • Cost-effective and secure, storing snapshots of data volumes to low- cost Azure Blob Storage.
  • Azure NetApp Files backup is available now in private preview, with more preview releases planned prior to GA.

Lastly, are new updates to NetApp SaaS Backup. This is a secure, web-based, SaaS solution that backs up essential data across “popular platforms” to make sure that businesses continue operations as smoothly as possible. Among the most useful features are daily automated backup and point-in-time, granular restore of critical data with a simple interface and streamlined user management.

The "Partner Central Edition" of SaaS Backup is currently being previewed for cloud solution providers and managed service providers. 

NetApp indicates the following new updates:  

  • SaaS Backup for Salesforce is now generally available (GA) worldwide and via Salesforce AppExchange marketplace. The service, offered on a license per seat, per year basis, requires no installation and is easy for any business to use.
  • SaaS Backup for Office 365 support for backup and restore of Microsoft OneNote is available for customer preview. SaaS Backup performs full and incremental backup, and restores data at the OneNote, Section, and Section Group levels of OneNote notebooks stored in OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • SaaS Backup now provides PowerShell cmdlets that help automate typical workflows such as onboarding of users and grouping them into tiers with specific grouping criteria that are based on Azure Active Directory attributes. Includes managing backup schedules and retention periods for different groups of users.

Cloud Backup Service

NetApp SaaS Backup

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