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NetApp Begins Shipping All-Flash EF560 and Hybrid EF5600 Arrays

NetApp has announced general availability of the company’s new EF560 all-flash array along with its E5600, a new hybrid array offering. According to the Storage Performance Council, a membership organization for storage manufacturers and vendors, the EF560 has achieved the best AFA price-to-performance result to date in the SPC-1 benchmark. The new NetApp E5600 hybrid array is built with the same flash architecture as the EF560 but utilizes a combination of flash and hard drive storage media. Both arrays take advantage of the latest Intel CPUs and SSDs ranging from 400GB to 1.6TB in capacity, for up to 38TB raw capacity in a single chassis.

The SPC-1 benchmark uses a single workload to simulate storage environments that support business-critical applications such as OLTP, databases, and mail servers with random I/O, query, and update operations. The EF560 scored 245,011.76 SPC‐1 IOPS with an average response time of 0.93 milliseconds, with a price-to-performance ratio of $0.54/SPC-1 IOPS. The NetApp E5600 hybrid array is designed for more capacity‐intensive applications including as mail, SharePoint, HPC, OLAP, data warehousing, and video and can scale up to multiple-petabyte deployments.

Both of the new arrays are being offered with SANtricity 8.20, the latest version of NetApp’s management system, which incorporate updates to better leverage multiple processor cores and to offer online disk firmware upgrades. The EF560 and E5600 offer integration with database management software including Oracle Enterprise Manager, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Systems Center, and Splunk. NetApp also offers OpenStack Cinder block storage drivers for both arrays, and NetApp OnCommand Insight storage management software is available capacity and storage utilization planning.


The EF560 and E5600 are available now.

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