by Josh Shaman

NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Announced

NetApp is announcing a new version of their storage OS, Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 which enables organizations and cloud service providers to provide more capacity and new services with a minimum amount of system downtime. As business and application needs changes, ONTAP 8.2 helps to eliminate the performance, availability, and efficiency limits of traditional hardware. ONTAP 8.2 provides more than 99.999% reliability to yield continuous data access during scheduled downtime and to load balance dynamically without disruptive data migrations. ONTAP 8.2 also supports seemingly limitless scaling with up to 69PB of storage and 24 controller nodes, 49,000 LUNs, 12,000 NAS volumes supporting over 100,000 clients and single container up to 20 PB.

NetApp Data ONTAP 8.2 Features and Enhancements

  • Cost-effective and flexible adoption models including single-node and switch-less configurations that enable nondisruptive and on-demand infrastructure scaling
  • Granular QoS to meet application performance service levels in multi-tenant and multi-workload environments for SAN and NAS
  • NetApp SnapVault D2D backup: compression, and deduplication savings are preserved over the network and restores of PB-scale datasets, applications, and VMs are instantly available
  • Storage VMs that support software-defined initiatives and enable agility by delivering storage services from pooled heterogeneous hardware resources
  • Enhanced Microsoft virtual environments with built-in support for SMB3.0 and ODX delivering superior management, scalability and agility for Microsoft Windows 2012 Hyper-V
  • Enhanced VMware shared infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments with expanded support of VMware vStorage APIs for vSphere, Horizon Suite, and vCloud Suite
  • Continuous data access during controller upgrades
  • Latest storage protocols including SMB 3.0, pNFS v4.1, iSCSI, FCoE, and Fibre Channel
  • New assessment, migration, and optimization services, plus enhanced implementation services
  • Automation and monitoring enhancements for the NetApp OnCommand Management Suite

NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP abstracts physical storage into a set of Storage VMs (SVM) which enables NetApp to deliver native multi-tenant, policy-based storage services via programmable APIs and application integrations. The QoS and data protection enhancements help IT administrators to automate applications provisioning based on service level. Policy-based security and delegation helps them to save time, money, and operate overall higher efficiency.

Along with the ONTAP 8.2 announcement, NetApp is also announcing the general availability of Flash Cache 2 controller-attached PCIe intelligent caching cards. These cards increase system memory up to 2TB from 1TB on previous iterations. Flash Cache 2 works to enhance random read intensive workload such as file services, messaging, OLTP databases and server and desktop virtualization.


Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 will be available worldwide July 2013.

NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP

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