by Adam Armstrong

NetApp Improves Data Analytics With SANtricity OS Update

Today NetApp updated its storage operating system, SANtricity. SANtricity is the operating system NetApp uses for its EF-Series all-flash and E-Series storage arrays. NetApp claims this update will give users a dramatic performance boost and value of data analytics applications. NetApp goes on to claim that the updated OS will simplify IT infrastructure, reduce costs, improve data reliability, availability, and visibility.

NetApp’s EF-Series all-flash and E-Series storage arrays are all about performance, high IOPS with low latency, and are designed accelerate applications. This platforms are powered by SANtricity and offer a high level of reliability with automated features, online configuration options, state-of-the-art RAID, and proactive monitoring. The latest release of SANtricity helps customers tackle Big Data generated by connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) with innovations optimized for data analytics applications. As more and more organizations begin using intelligence applications such as Splunk, Hadoop, and NoSQL, they are looking for solutions that give them greater data visibility and performance from these applications.

New benefits include:

  • Increase Splunk search performance by up to 69% versus that of commodity servers with internal disks.
  • Experience up to 500% better Hadoop performance during data rebuilds with Dynamic Disk Pools versus the performance of commodity servers with RAID5.
  • Reconstruct 400GB SSDs in approximately 15 minutes versus approximately 10 hours for NoSQL databases with commodity servers and direct-attached storage.
  • Encrypt data at rest with less than 1% performance impact versus up to 70% impact of commodity servers with internal disk drives.
  • Build one architecture for hot, warm, cold, and frozen tiers instead of different storage architectures for each tier.

NetApp will also be working with Arrow Electronics to offer preconfigured, proven and validated bundled solutions for enterprise Splunk deployments. These bundled solutions can help customers to rapidly size and configure systems, close deals faste, and deliver a total, validated Slpunk solution.

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