by Adam Armstrong

NetApp Keystone Reinvents The Customer Experience Wheel

Today at NetApp INSIGHT in Vegas, NetApp rolled out what it believes to be a reinvention of the customer experience with NetApp Keystone. Keystone is touted as the best of all worlds from a customer perspective. Customers will have the flexibility to choose the build of the cloud infrastructure they need with a easy consumption model. 

Many organizations have adopted a hybrid, multi-cloud approach for its benefits, but aren’t thrilled about the introduction of so much complexity in management and in costs. Companies want a way to reduce the complexity headache while still reaping the benefits. There are several companies, including NetApp, that have been tackling the technology side of this equation. However, the cost side has yet to be address, enter Keystone.

NetApp Keystone is a program that is designed to address all perspectives including where data services are bought, how they are consumed, who services them, and address how they are purchased. Keystone covers all the bases for customer that what to build or buy their cloud infrastructure, on their premises or off. Keystone also offers a pay-per-use economic model for cloud or on-prem as well as dynamic scaling, and operational simplicity.

Keystone features:

  • Flexibility to mix and match purchases and subscription payment methods
  • Ability to run any NetApp service in any environment—on premises, cloud, and hybrid
  • Freedom to choose how it’s all managed—by NetApp, a partner, or internally
  • Simplified ownership experience that makes it easier to buy, operate and grow starting with NetApp’s new systems, the A400, FAS8300 and FAS8700


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