by Adam Armstrong

NetApp Makes Several Enhancements To Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Today at NetApp INSIGHT 2019 in Vegas, NetApp announced several enhancements to its Cloud Volumes ONTAP. These enhancements include a new version of Cloud Manager, enhancements to Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Amazon Web Services (AWS), and a Cloud Backup Service.

NetApp Cloud Volumes allows users to provision FlexVols in the cloud and support a majority of FlexVol features, like SnapShots or FlexClones. Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) more or less gives the full version of ONTAP (with some limitations) in the Cloud as well as full integration into the Data Fabric. NetApp is expanding CVO’s capabilities with a new version of Cloud Manager, version 3.7.5. Cloud Manager is more tightly integrated with the rest of NetApp’s cloud portfolio allowing customers to mange more including Cloud Volumes Service for AWS and Azure NetApp Files. New capabilities include:

  • Protection of data on Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS with a new Cloud Backup Service that is fully integrated and easy to manage via the Cloud Manager interface.
  • Discovery of existing Kubernetes clusters with NetApp Kubernetes Service integration.
  • New Cloud Compliance feature for Cloud Volumes ONTAP that offers improved data governance and control.
  • Additional enhancements in Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

On the last note, while CVO works in all three of the major public clouds, NetApp is specifically spelling out some of the enhancements in AWS. NetApp states that CVO can enable migration of applications to the cloud to achieve the precise performance, scale, and security that each application demands. The Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS now offers:

  • Data protection with a new Cloud Backup Service that is fully integrated and simple to manage via the Cloud Manager interface.
  • New Cloud Compliance feature that offers improved data governance and control.
  • Released in ONTAP 9.5, NVMe Caching allows Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances to leverage NVMe flash available on virtual compute instances. Currently available only in AWS.

Also available for NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS is the Cloud Backup Service. As the name implies, this service is a managed data protection offering with new support for CVO AWS. Cloud Backup Service is said to offer efficient backup of user data to cloud object storage with easy recovery in the event of data loss or to be used as a long-term data archive. Other features include:

  • Protection settings are available via NetApp Cloud Manager, and the service is supported on Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.4 and later.
  • Requires little to no management. The service is enabled by default with new installations of Cloud Volumes ONTAP, making it ideal for IT generalists and application owners.
  • Cloud Backup Service is cost effective, storing Snapshot copies of data volumes to low-cost cloud object storage.
  • Recovering a data volume is easy with only a few clicks.
  • Cloud Backup Service for Cloud Volumes ONTAP is available now with simple pay-as-you-go pricing and billing through an AWS account.


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