by Adam Armstrong

NetApp Releases ONTAP 9.2

Roughly a year after releasing ONTAP 9.0, NetApp announced today the latest update ONTAP 9.2. This update is part of NetApp’s new hybrid cloud offerings announced today as well. The update includes new features added to ONTAP Select software-defined storage (SDS) and bringing new performance to NetApp’s All Flash FAS(AFF) arrays.

ONTAP 9 is one of the industry’s leading enterprise data management software solutions. Touted by NetApp as being able to deliver new levels of simplicity and flexibility with powerful data management capabilities and storage efficiencies, it has undergone a few updates in order to support hybrid and all-flash platforms. The latest round of updates expands on those abilities.

ONTAP Select is the software-only data management version of ONTAP. NetApp has added new SDS features to optimize new use cases on commodity hardware. There is also a new a 2-node high availability configuration with broader support for VMware vSphere licenses ROBO version of Select. This new version aims to address the space and cost constraints of remote offices and ruggedized deployments. Users will now be able to deploy enterprise NAS services in more diverse storage environments, including VMware vSAN, with external storage arrays, and when deploying the new NetApp HCI offering.

ONTAP’s FabricPool feature is now available as well. First demonstrated at Insight 2016, this new feature delivers automatic and transparent tiering of inactive data to the cloud, further optimizing on-premises flash, and reducing overall storage costs by up to 40%. This new feature can bring new levels of performance to the NetApp All Flash FAS(AFF) arrays. It will also expand on NetApp’s data reduction technology expanding inline deduplication across multiple pools of storage increases storage efficiency by as much as 30%. Along with FabricPool, there will also be new QoS of that will provide minimum and intelligent data placement and consistent performance for business-critical applications.

NetApp is also introducing a few other features to ease Hybrid cloud adoption. NetApp OnDemand brings the consumption model of the cloud for NetApp on-premises infrastructure. Customer will only pay for the capacity used lowering TCO. The new analytics and monitoring software for the Data Fabric, OnCommand Insight (OCI) also eases migration to the hybrid cloud. By having a better understanding of infrastructure, customers can plan migration for thoroughly, and continue to monitor resources as they move into the cloud. NetApp is also starting its own financing options for futureproofing, NextCredit. Customers who purchase eligible AFF A Series models and associated support contracts, upon exercising the renewal terms, will receive a flexible, fixed dollar credit toward future purchase of NetApp products.


ONTAP Select is available now on IBM Bluemix infrastructure as a service for an in-cloud offering. Users can also give ONTAP Select a 90-day test run before buying. The FabricPool feature is available now. 

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