by Michael Rink

NetApp Releases Slew of Hybrid Cloud Services

NetApp has announced a multitude of updates and new services. NetApp is adding their Cloud Data Services to their Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) offerings. NetApp Cloud Data Services is also adding additional support for Google Cloud. That would be more than enough, but NetApp is also releasing a new fabric orchestration toolset, the NetApp Fabric Orchestrator and offering several new payment models. NetApp has been an absolute dynamo of updates and new services or appliance so far this year. As just one example, we covered the release of their C190 all-flash storage array

NetApp has added NetApp Cloud Data Services to their Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) offerings. Included in Cloud Data Services is NetApp Kubernetes and Cloud Volumes. NetApp Kubernetes service on NetApp HCI provides an automated Kubernetes deployment engine, Application Marketplace, and Application Orchestration. Both now treat NetApp HCI as a deployable region.

Cloud Volumes provides High-performance persistent storage, delivered through a streamlined and simplified user experience, in all major public clouds. Cloud Volumes recently added support for Microsoft Azure. Today they released the beta version of Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud. Cloud Volumes has been on AWS for some time now. As noted above, it is also available on-premises through NetApp HCI, allowing customers to unify their hybrid cloud management tools.

NetApp Fabric Orchestrator provides a cloud data service to help customers discover, manage, automate, and govern all of their data, no matter where it resides. 

NetApp is also shaking up their pricing models with some new options. NetApp is offering two new cloud-like, on-premises pay-per-use pricing schemes. Both options are on-premise systems. The first is Cloud Consumption for NetApp HCI and is billed monthly. The second option is Cloud Volumes Service On Premises and is a fully managed NetApp data storage service. Cloud Insights is also now available as a “freemium” offering with a free Basic edition for NetApp systems that includes NetApp HCI and NetApp AFF systems. The service also includes monitoring and placement optimization for NetApp HCI and NetApp Kubernetes Service in addition to real-time dashboards.




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