by Adam Armstrong

NetApp Unveils Its Next-Generation HCI

Today NetApp announce the industry’s first enterprise-scale hyper converged solution, NetApp HCI. The new HCI is part of NetApp's larger hybrid cloud offerings that were introduced today. NetApp is stating that its HCI will unlock the full potential of HCI while surpassing the current limitations that come to mind when one thinks of HCI.

Hyperconverged infrastructure comes with lots of promises of benefits but has a few issues that cause it to trip up some. Some find that they are unable to consolidate all of their workloads or they need to scale in a fashion that ends up unnecessarily straining certain resources. This could throttle performance of some next-generation applications. NetApp states that its new HCI solution can deliver on the full promise of the technology while side stepping the issues that it presents.

The new solution is Data Fabric ready out of the box enabling workloads to be built on SolidFire innovation. NetApp is stating that it can allow enterprises to mid-sized businesses to service providers the ability to consolidate all workloads. Users will be able to scale storage and compute independently eliminating fixed resource ratios of other HCI. NetApp HCI has a unique QoS that allows the granular control of every application, eliminating noisy neighbors, therefore delivering predictable performance. NetApp HCI features integrations with partner solutions including those from Commvault, Intel, Veeam and VMware.

The NetApp HCI will be delivered in agile, scalable, easy to manage 4-node building blocks. The new solution can be deployed from the edge to the core of the data center. NetApp claims that most can be up and running within 30 minutes with most of the performance-related problems of past-generation HCI eliminated.

The NetApp HCI solution consists of a 2U 4-node chassis that users can install either compute or storage nodes to scale to the system that best suits their needs. They will be sold in three different flavors depending on the needs of the company.

NetApp HCI specifications:

  • Storage Nodes
    • Type: Small | Medium| Large
    • SSDs: (6) 480GB | (6) 960GB | (6) 1.9TB
    • Effective Block Capacity @ 5x-10x Efficiency: 5.5TB-11TB | 11TB-22TB | 22TB-44TB
    • NVRAM: 8GB
    • Networking: (2) 25/10GbE SFP28 / SFP+, (2) 1GbE RJ45
  • Compute Nodes
    • Type: Small | Medium| Large
    • Cores for VMs: 16 | 24 | 36
    • Memory of VMs: 256GB | 512GB | 768GB
    • Networking: (4) 25/10GbE SFP28 / SFP+, (2) 1GbE RJ45


NetApp HCI is expected to be available this fall, pricing information is not yet available. 

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