by Adam Armstrong

NETGEAR Adds 2 New 52-Port Switches To Its Insight Cloud Managed Family

Today NETGEAR Inc. announced that it was expanding its Insight Cloud Managed Family with two new switches. Both of the new switches add more capacity for growing businesses by being 52-ports. The company also updated its Insight cloud management system with better functionality and PoE controls.

Like the rest of the family, the new switches are fully-integrated, cloud-manageable network switches for SMB use cases. The new switches are ideal for companies looking for an easy way to setup remote/cloud monitoring, management, and advanced security and need more ports to do so. NETGEAR states that both the GC752X and the GC752XP are the first 52-port Gigabit Ethernet Switches with 2 SFP and 2 SFP+ 10G ports with Insight management. The GC752XP adds 48 ports of PoE+ with a 505W PoE power budget. 

Key features include:

  • VLANs (including Auto-VoIP & Auto-Video) and LLDP support
  • Port trunking / Link aggregation and IGMP snooping
  • QoS and priority queuing, port-based rate limiting, STP/RSTP and loop prevention
  • ACLs, storm control and port mirroring
  • Advanced per-port PoE controls, scheduling, and timers (PoE models)
  • IPv6 management and support for future-proofing one's network
  • IPv4 and IPv6 static routing for optimizing one's network outgoing traffic

NETGEAR has rolled out latest management solution along with the new switches in the form of Insight 5.0. One can find a fairly detailed look we took at the insight app last year here. Today the company has added even more features that include:

  • Firmware Scheduler: Currently on Insight 4.0 one already receive pop-up notifications, with the new Firmware Scheduler in Insight 5.0, users can create an automated update schedule based on the time best for them. Schedule a firmware update in the middle of the night when no one is in the office and it will not affect online clients.
  • Improved Security with 2-Factor Authentication: Insight 5.0 provides more security with the addition of 2 factor authentication: login is the first way of authentication, and one can add SMS text message or push notifications to their phone after adding the device to the list of trusted devices.
  • Improved In-App Support to provide easy access to NETGEAR knowledge base and support videos directly through the Insight app, for instant troubleshooting and time savings. It also gives easy and fast access to NETGEAR chat/phone info, and also allows to open a support case right through the app.

Availability and Pricing

The NETGEAR Insight Managed 52-Port GiaBit Ethernet Smart Cloud Switch w/2 SFP and 2 SFP+ GC752X has a MSRP of $419.99. The NETGEAR Insight Managed 52-Port Gigabit Ethernet 505W PoE+ Smart Cloud Switch w/2 SFP and 2 SFP+ GC752XP has a MSRP of $899.99. Both switches are available now. Insight 5.0 is available as a free app in the respective mobile stores. 


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