by Josh Shaman

Netgear Announces ReadyDATA 516

Netgear has announced the ReadyDATA 516 6-bay NAS unit designed with enterprise-class features and simple usability for SMBs. The ReadyDATA 516 is a great fit for organizations that don't have a data center or for an application such as multiple branch offices requiring on-site storage used in conjunction with the ReadyDATA 5200 2U 12-bay NAS. The unit is far easier to deploy than other options due to its pricing model and small desktop form factor. ReadyDATA 516 also incorporates ReadyDATA Hybrid Cloud, which provides data replication from ReadyDATA to the public cloud. The news of the ReadyDATA 516's coming availability arrives on the heels of the news that Netgear was the number one NAS vendor for total shipments in 2012.

ReadyDATA 516 Enterprise-Class Features

  • Thin provisioning, compression and de-duplication of block (SAN) and file (NAS) data
  • Unlimited snapshots of block and file data for continuous data protection
  • Ability to mix SSD and SATA drives within a volume to optimize overall performance
  • Replication over 128-bit SSL connections for block and file data
  • Instant capacity expansion eliminating RAID configuration time
  • Virtual network interface support for powerful network traffic management
  • Backup software compatibility with major vendors
  • Virtualization vendor certifications from VMware, Microsoft and Citrix

Netgear is attempting to simplify storage for the SMB with an all-inclusive pricing model that is easy to understand. The pricing doesn't just include the ReadyDATA 516 and drives (if purchased), it also includes the full feature-set: native de-duplication, thin provisioning, unlimited snapshots and virtual network support. Another unique feature on the ReadyDATA 516 is that administrators can mix traditional HDDs and higher performance SSDs within the volume to increase the performance. Adding SSDs enables hot data caching for enhanced performance. Users will need to designate the SSD for either read activity or write activity, or they can install 2 SSDs and designate one for read and one for write. The maximum total capacity with HDDs used exclusively is 24TB.

Pricing and Availability

Netgear ReadyDATA products will be available starting May 27th from Netgear PowerShift channel partners and other reseller channels and e-commerce sites. The Netgear ReadyDATA 516's (RDD516) street price is around $2,400 while the Netgear ReadyDATA 5200 (RD5200) with 12x1TB drives has a street price under $10,000. The NAS comes with a 5 year warranty.

Netgear ReadyDATA

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