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Netgear Releases Insight VPN Router

Netgear has released an Insight VPN Router (BR500). They are targeting this router and bundled VPN annual subscription at small and medium-sized businesses. The router is designed to interconnect up to 3 offices as if they were connected locally, regardless of their geographical location.

The Netgear Insight Instant VPN Business Router is designed specifically to enable businesses to protect their networks with a secure VPN and firewall through Netgear's Insight Cloud Portal or mobile app. The BR500 comes with remote/cloud monitoring and management tools. The Insight Cloud provides full monitoring of all your security features, remote management of your router, and real-time monitoring of VPN connection and security status of connected devices. NETGEAR Insight is available as either a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices or as a web portal accessible from any internet-connected web browser

The BR500 VPN Business Router includes:

  • 1 WAN and 4 LAN gigabit Ethernet ports
  • LAN-to-WAN throughput: 924Mbps
  • Remote/Cloud management and monitoring through Netgear's Insight Cloud portal
  • Firewall capabilities

The NETGEAR Insight management solution has two subscription plans for users: Insight Basic for the Insight app only, and Insight Premium for the Insight app, the Insight cloud web portal, and certain advanced features. There is also a subscription plan for resellers and managed service providers: Insight Pro.


The NETGEAR Insight Instant VPN Business Router (BR500) is currently available worldwide as a stand-alone router for a manufacturer’s advertised price of $269.99 USD.

Netgear VPN Routers

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