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Netgear Releases New Cloud-Based IT Service Platform

Today Netgear Inc. announced the launch of its first secure, cloud-based IT service platform, Business Central. Business Central is a platform of various services that are aimed at providing small to medium businesses with a cost-effective way to establish, provision, and manage key IT networking services and network devices. The first service module being launched today is Business Central Wireless Manager. Business Central Wireless Manager enables organizations, Value-Added Resellers (VARs), and other Systems Integrators (SIs) to centrally manage an entire wireless network through the cloud.

Most retail places one visits offer free Wi-Fi, from coffee shops to hardware stores. More and more of the general population are adopting network-connected machines and now machines are communicating with one another, for instance the Internet of Things. It is estimate that 3 out of 4 devices will connect wirelessly to the network. All of these new devices and communication will place heavy burdens on network and administrators need to know what is connected and how much bandwidth it is taking up to avoid congestion.

Business Central Wireless Manager delivers managed Wi-Fi in a cost-effective manner and enables single or multiple NETGEAR ProSAFE Wi-Fi access points (APs) to be centrally managed remotely through a standard web browser. Administrators can manage multiple APs at one site or thousands of APs across multiple sites. All management function is hosted on the web, thus eliminating the need for specific hardware and the physical upgrades that can entail. The comprehensive portal dashboard is easy to use and comes with simple-to-use configuration wizards, bringing multiple sites, Aps, and users under one management umbrella within minutes. Administrators can manage wireless SSIDs, configure wireless security settings, control free or fee-paying guest and private Wi-Fi access on the network, and run bandwidth usage reports in a few clicks. All the while giving a clear and real-time visibility into the network for total control of evolving service needs.

Business Central Wireless Manager is especially appealing to VARs and SIs as it broadens the product choice for the two. It gives them the ability to offer managed Wi-Fi not only via customer-premise hardware controllers, but through the cloud as a trusted managed service for customers who have no desire or IT skills for network management. Business Central Wireless Manager also offers a pay-as-you-grow model.

Business Central Wireless Manager supports the following NETGEAR access points:

  • ProSAFE Wireless-N Dual-Band Concurrent Premium Access Point (WNDAP660)
  • ProSAFE Wireless-N Dual Band Concurrent Access Point (WNDAP360)
  • ProSAFE Wireless-N Dual Band Concurrent Access Point (WNDAP350)
  • ProSAFE Wireless-N Single Band Access Point (WNAP320)
  • ProSAFE Wireless-N Single Band Access Point (WNAP210v2)

Availability and pricing

Business Central Wireless Manager is available today through Netgear Partners and reseller channels. The platform is available in several license packages and final prices may vary depending on the specific reseller's bundle. VAR will be able to take advantage of a 90-day free trail. MSRP are:

  • 1 Access Point for 12 months (WM1AP1YL-10000S) = $99 USD
  • 1 Access Point for 36 months (WM1AP3YL-10000S) = $223 USD
  • 10 Access Points for 12 months (WM10AP1YL-10000S) = $990 USD
  • 10 Access Points for 36 months (WM10AP3YL-10000S) = $2,228 USD
  • 50 Access Points for 12 months (WM50AP1YL-10000S) = $4,950 USD
  • 50 Access Points for 36 months (WM50AP3YL-10000S) = $11,138 USD

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