by Lyle Smith

New Hitachi Video Management Platform Models Announced

Hitachi Insight Group has announced three new models of Hitachi Video Management Platform (VMP), the VMP 150, VMP 500 and VMP 1000, a move that will help transition them into the video security and monitoring markets. The three VMP configurations are designed to support medium to large enterprise security environments that use 150 to 10,000 or more cameras. Combining virtualized compute and storage, the configurations provide fully integrated, turnkey appliances and are optimized for enterprise video security, monitoring environments and video analytics. Hitachi also announced a strategic partnership with Milestone Systems and OnSSI in an effort to develop and deliver next-gen solutions with increased levels of enterprise security, workplace safety, and industrial and operational efficiencies.

The Hitachi VMP has been thoroughly tested and certified by its partners to support the XProtect VMS software from Milestone Systems, and the Ocularis 5 VMS software from OnSSI. Moreover, Hitachi adds that they are teaming with these companies to co-develop solutions, accelerate GTM, and expand opportunities in video security and monitoring market.

Hitachi VMP is built on commercial technologies from the Hitachi Group family of companies, such as the Hitachi Data Systems’ (HDS) Virtual Storage Platform (VSP). It also leverages best-in-class storage, network and compute technologies to offer an integrated converged platform that is designed specifically for virtualized environments. Hitachi VMP was built from the ground-up for video security and monitoring deployments, providing maximum scalability, performance and support for an array of enterprise applications.

Hitachi indicates the following benefits:  

  • High Availability: Hitachi VMP delivers fully redundant, highly available storage to ensure little-to-no data loss and minimize video degradation.  
  • Scale Easily: Hitachi VMP is a converged platform that provides built-in virtualization and a scale-up architecture designed to easily support increased need for video storage capacity and share integrated physical resources like compute and analytics out of the box.  
  • Reduce Risk of Data Loss: Hitachi VMP offers a higher level of protection by providing customers with an option to maintain video and information assets in a segmented environment to reduce the challenges of data protection and complement risk-based security and compliance processes.  
  • Pre-validated: Hitachi developed and fully tested VMP for compatibility with industry leading VMS software to ensure customers and system integrators can deploy it with confidence.


Hitachi VMP is now available in North America, the United Kingdom and all APAC countries, excluding Japan, through Hitachi and select partners. Availability in France, Germany and other EMEA markets is slated for later this year.

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