by Mark Kidd

New HP Information Optimization Solutions for Apache Hadoop Big Data [HP Discover 2012]

HP announced enhancements to its Information Optimization Solutions portfolio that are intended to capitalize on the growth of big data, including operational, application and machine data. HP AppSystem for Hadoop aims to be the first enterprise-ready appliance for scale-out Hadoop workloads. AppSystem combines HP Converged Infrastructure with Vertica 6 to deliver big data processing and real-time analytics.

Some of the most important marketing information about customer sentiment plays out over social media, the web, phone, and email -- outside traditional enterprise boundaries. This sentiment is also tracked in the form of foot traffic data recorded by sensors in retail outlets and other new data sources. Apache Hadoop, a leading open-source distributed data-processing platform, has evolved to meet the needs its growing number of big data enterprise users whether deployed on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid.

HP AppSystem for Hadoop Technology Overview

  • Turnkey HP solution with of HW, SW, and management
  • Push-button deployment and 3D performance visualization
  • Open approach, with support for Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR
  • Benchmarked deployment of 800 Hadoop nodes in 30 minutes
  • Real-time Vertica 6 analytics

Big Data with HP Converged Infrastructure and Apache Hadoop
The new Vertica Analytics Platform 6, built with HP FlexStore architecture, delivers a flexible framework for big-data analytics that includes integration or federation with Autonomy and Hadoop technology -- or any other structured, unstructured, or semistructured data source. Vertica 6 also offers native support for the parallel execution of the R analytics language.

HP announced new capabilities for embedding the Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) 10 engine in each Hadoop node to take advantage of IDOL functions including automatic categorization, clustering, eduction, and hyperlinking. HP also announced Autonomy Optimost Clickstream Analytics, providing marketers with a consistent and granular view of customer visits, conversions, and ecommerce engagement.

HP Discover has also debuted new client services as a counterparts for these latest Big Data solutions:

  • The HP Big Data Strategy Workshop helps clients reduce risk and accelerate decision-making by providing a workshop environment for aligning corporate IT and enterprise goals for big data.
  • The HP Roadmap Service for Apache Hadoop helps organizations size and plan deployments of the Hadoop platform.
  • HP Always On Support Services are available for the new HP AppSystem for Apache Hadoop and reference architectures covering the HP components.

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