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News Bits: Cisco, Virtuozzo, DataCore, LTO Program, Ubuntu, Cloudera, Cloudian, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. Cisco announced predictive services powered by AI. Virtuozzo announces its Storage for Kubernetes. DataCore announces a new version of its software-defined infrastructure products. LTO Program announces LTO-8 Cartridge specifications. Ubuntu releases version 17.10. Cloudera, Cloudian, Ingeous, and Datos IO partner. Dell EMC support Microsoft Azure Stack with its 14G PowerEdge line. Virtual Instruments partners with Gigamon on monitoring NAS deployments. Lenovo announces support for Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs for ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack.

Cisco Announced Predictive Services Powered By AI

Cisco announced its new portfolio of predictive services powered by AI. These services help minimize the impact of the skill gap that is happening in IT at the moment, thus helping organizations stay more competitive. The two new services that the company is launching are Business Critical Services and High-value Services.


Virtuozzo Announces Its Storage for Kubernetes

Virtuozzo announced the availability of Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes. This new solution is software-defined, runs on commodity hardware, and aims to solve the persistent storage selection problems for cloud native environments and applications for Kubernetes (K8s) production deployments. Features include:

  • Deep integration with the K8s Storage Management Model – Enables cluster connections through native K8s secrets and snapshots management via a native API aggregation.
  • Simple Configration – Assign Storage Classes in 2 clicks with configuration options for Volumes available for storage classes.
  • Snapshot Support – Provides added data protection with easy scheduling and policy management.
  • Fault-Tolerant by Design – Flexible redundancy schemas for storage, as well as a highly available control plane ensure that infrastructure is still manageable after a node failure.
  • Easy Cluster Deployment and Scaling – Easily deploy and manage clusters using a set of simple actions.

Virtuozzo Storage for Kubernetes

DataCore Announces New Version Of Its SDI Products

DataCore Software it was enhancing its software-defined infrastructure product family, including SANsymphony and DataCore Hyperconverged Virtual SAN, through its PSP7 software release. New features include:

  • Windows Server 2016 support – Enables customers to take advantage of the latest Microsoft Windows technologies as well as leverage the powerful capabilities of our software, along with the Azure Cloud to deploy hybrid cloud replication for disaster recovery, backup, archival and Cloud storage use cases.  
  • Kubernetes for Container support – Leverage Kubernetes PersistentVolume API for orchestrating deployment, operations, and scaling of containerized applications (e.g., Dockers and its microservices), which lets storage be integrated into Kubernetes for containers and those applications to easily consume.
  • Automation of hyperconverged infrastructure deployments under vSphere management - Simplify installation for virtualization administrators, providing universal VVol support and providing storage policy control from vSphere while easily adding and scaling nodes.
  • Dynamic mirror path balancing to increase usage density - Allows the expansion and the ability to maximize the utilization of interconnections between nodes by increasing the functionality of the mirroring by utilizing dynamic active pathingto improve throughput and resiliency. 
  • Enterprise API Integration and Collaboration- The REST interface has been enhanced with over 200 new operation methods to extend configuration and resource management to the configuration monitoring operations already provided by REST.  RESTful interfaces are used by products such as Lenovo XClarity, Cisco Embedded Resource Manager and Dell OpenManage to manage infrastructure in the enterprise.

DataCore SANsymphony

LTO Program Announces LTO-8 Cartridge Specifications

The LTO Program released the new LTO-8 Cartridge specifications as well as a new roadmap going up to LTO-12 with an upward capacity of 480TB with compression. As we’ve previously reported, the LTO-8 specifications allow for up to 30TB of capacity with compression. LTO-8 is also backward compatible with LTO-7 and comes with WORM (Write-Once, Read Many) functionality.


Ubuntu Releases Version 17.10

Canonical released Ubuntu 17.10 featuring a new GNOME desktop on Wayland, and new versions of KDE, MATE and Budgie. The new version supports Kubernetes 1.8 on the cloud, enhanced security for develops through its new version of GNOME, secure app distribution with snaps with platform snaps for GNOME and KDE, and new hardware support and container capabilities.

Ubuntu 17.10 

Cloudera, Cloudian, Ingeous, & Datos IO Partner

Datos IO announced that it has partnered with Cloudera, Cloudian, and Ingeous to provide next-generation cloud backup and recovery solutions for the modern IT application stack. This new partnership allows the three companies’ customers access to Datos IO RecoverX solution for backup and recovery.

Datos IO RecoverX

Dell EMC Support Microsoft Azure Stack With Its 14G PowerEdge Line

In September, Dell EMC announced it was supporting Microsoft Azure Stack with its Dell EMC XC Series and Dell EMC Cloud. At the time, the company also announced that the 14G PowerEdge servers would support the Dell EMC Ready Bundle for Microsoft SQL Server and the Dell EMC Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes. Now Dell EMC is announcing that its 14G PowerEdge Servers now support Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack.

Dell EMC PowerEdge

Microsoft Azure Stack

Virtual Instruments Partners With Gigamon On Monitoring NAS Deployments

Virtual Instruments has partnered with Gigamon to offer what the companies refer to as the industry's most comprehensive set of performance monitoring solutions for NAS deployments. Virtual Instruments is also adding support for the SMB protocol for the VirtualWisdom NAS Performance Probe. Key features of the enhanced VirtualWisdom NAS Performance Probe include:

  • The ability to ingest wire-data NAS metrics through compatibility with Gigamon Visibility Solutions;
  • Added support for the SMB protocol, which is offered as a simple software upgrade to the current product at no extra charge;
  • Added support for NetFlow network traffic flow visibility for IP networks;
  • The ability to provide a single performance management solution for both SAN- and NAS-based infrastructures; and
  • A complete suite of metrics, alarms, reports and analytics now available for SMB storage, in addition to NFS.

Virtual Instruments NAS performance monitoring

Lenovo Announces Support For Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs For ThinkAgile SX For Microsoft Azure Stack

Last year at Microsoft Ignite, Lenovo announced its ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure that promised to accelerate time-to-value with its urnkey, pre-integrated hybrid cloud solution that extends Azure public cloud service on premises. This week Lenovo announced that its ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure now supports Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs. The support of the new CPUs will bring faster performance, an increase to memory bandwidth, and larger VM density. ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure with support for Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs will be available early next year.

ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure

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