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News Bits: Cohesity, Samsung, Seagate, Xbox, Western Digital, Dropbox, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Cohesity raises $250 million in Series D funding. Samsung begins volume production on 16Gb, 64GB DDR4 RDIMM. Seagate releases 2TB SSD Game Drive for Xbox. Dropbox qualifies Western Digital Ultrastar Hs14 SMR HDDs. Commvault supports Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack. HYCU announces new patent. Pivotal has strong first quarter. Rubrik announces Alta 4.2. Synology releases Active Backup Suite.

Cohesity Raises $250 Million In Series D Funding

Cohesity announced that it has raised an additional $250 million in Series D funding. This brings their total raised to $410 million. This round of funding was led by SoftBank Vision Fund with strong participation from strategic investors Cisco Investments, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital.


Samsung Begins Volume Production On 16Gb, 64GB DDR4 RDIMM

Samsung announced what it is calling an industry first with the volume production of modules containing a 16Gb monolithic 64GB DDR4 memory solution. These new RDIMMs are created specifically for enterprise and cloud applications. The HPE ProLiant DL385 Ben10 based on AMD EPYC CPUs is the first platform qualified for the new RDIMMs and will be shown at HPE Discover in Las Vegas. 


Seagate Releases 2TB SSD Game Drive For Xbox

Seagate released a 2TB SSD version of its popular Game Drive for Xbox. Also available in a 500GB and 1TB capacity, the Game Drive allows for extra storage of Xbox Games and faster load times. The new drives are expected to be available this sumer for $150 for the 500GB, $300 for the 1TB, and $600 for the 2TB.

Seagate Game Drives

Dropbox Qualifies Western Digital Ultrastar Hs14 SMR HDDs

Dropbox has qualified the 14TB SMR HDDs, Ultrastar Hs14, from Western Digital, and deployed them. This will give Dropbox greater storage as well as better power efficiency. 

Ultrastar HS14

Commvault Supports Cisco Integrated System For Azure

Commvault announced that it has expanded its support for solutions in the Cisco Data Center Infrastructure portfolio through qualifications on its data protection software, ScaleProtect. Scaleprotect now supports Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack. Commvaults tight integration with both Azure and Cisco makes it an ideal choice for data protection on the Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack.

Commvault ScaleProtect

HYCU Announces New Patent

HYCU has been awarded a new patent, Number 9,998,339. This patent is for application awareness for virtual infrastructure environments. According to the company, its Data Protection for Nutanix was uniquely designed to see through virtual machines to discover where every application is running and when a backup is initiated.


Pivotal Has Strong First Quarter

Pivotal went public a few months ago and is reporting a strong first quarter. The company reported revenue of $155.7 million (with expectations of $157-$159 million next quarter) and a net loss of $0.31/share GAAP that beat expectations. More interesting for the company was the 20% year on year grown of customer subscriptions and the 156% dollar-based net expansion rate. 

Pivotal Investor Relations

Rubrik Announces Alta 4.2

Rubrik announce the 4.2 release of its cloud data management platform, Alta. Features include:

  • Cloud-native data protection through a single control plane: As enterprises deploy new, cloud-native applications for AI, real-time analytics IoT and other use cases, Rubrik offers Amazon Web Services EC2-native backup and lifecycle management to protect those applications in the cloud. Whether you deploy Rubrik in a data center or on AWS, Rubrik Cloud Data Management can now index, catalog and protect any application running on Amazon EC2.
  • New simplicity and manageability for MSPs via Self-Service and Private Cloud: Building on the multi-cloud foundation of prior Alta releases, Rubrik Alta 4.2 integrates with vCloud Director, VMware’s popular platform for creating an elastic private cloud environment. For MSP’s and large enterprises with multiple co-hosted tenant users, Rubrik also offers its Envoy service to simplify and accelerate self-service. Envoy represents a service provider’s Rubrik cluster in a tenant network, making it easy for end-users to customize their backup services in a flexible, shared-everything private cloud. This helps every organization - from small MSPs to large, complex IT departments - to provide backup-as-a-service.
  • Extending Deeper into the Enterprise Data Center: The hybrid cloud also promises to bridge the gap between long-lived traditional data center applications and the new infrastructure of the future. To this point, Rurik Alta 4.2 protects both IBM AIX and Oracle Solaris within the core product, offering enterprise operations teams the same suite of data management tools that they use for other workloads.


Synology Releases Active Backup Suite

Synology released two new applications in its Active Backup Suite: Active Backup for Office 365 and Active Backup for Business. Key features include:

  • Support multiple Office 365 endpoints: Office 365, Office 365 Germany, Office 365 operated by 21Vianet.
  • Centralized and comprehensive protection: Back up OneDrive for Business, mail, contacts, and calendar data to a Synology NAS and manage the copies efficiently from a single interface.
  • Granular restoration, search, and export from the self-service recovery portal: Efficiently filter by keyword with the new content search feature. From there, users can find the right email and restore or download a single file, mail, mail attachment, contact, or calendar event from the self-service recovery portal. 
  • Backup and storage efficiency: Single instancing ensures efficiency by transferring and storing files with unique content only. Block-level deduplication helps businesses keep the most data using the least storage space by only saving a file's blocks that are changed compared to its previous version.
  • PC and server protection: With the Active Backup agent utility, users can perform image-based backups to protect their Windows PC or Windows server workloads. Depends on the scenario, users could choose to restore a single file from the recovery portal, bare-metal restore the whole system, or directly run a backup image on Virtual Machine Manager to retrieve the application data and provide application availability. 
  • Virtual machine protection: Users can protect their virtual machine workloads without an agent just with VMware vSphere info. It supports multiple restoration methods, ranging from individual file restore, instant VM restore to NFS, full VM restore and running on Synology VMM.
  • Faster Backup: Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology performs incremental backups instead of a full backup every time.
  • Storage efficiency: Built-in global deduplication greatly reduces storage consumption 
  • Better restore reliability: Verify backups on Synology VMM to maximize backup reliability and minimize the burden in production environments.
  • Run on VMM: The unique feature, integration with Synology VMM, allows users to create the same IT environment as the product site, serving as a temporary Disaster Recovery solution, export / import objects and an upgrade testing environment.

Synology Security

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