by Adam Armstrong

News Bits: DDN, IBM, VMware, Crucial, Nasuni, Virtual Instruments, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. IBM and DDN work together to provide Yahoo! Japan a 50TB/day transfer rate with a new active archive system. Virtual Instruments announced Load DynamiX Enterprise version 5.2. VMware has made its integrated containers generally available. Crucial upgrades its DDR4 sever memory to 2666MT/s. IBM announced a 12-month free trial of its Cloud Object Storage solution. Nasuni raises $25 million in new round of financing. And Datera partners with CoreOS to accelerate stateful Kubernetes for on-prem clouds.

IBM & DDN Work Together Providing Yahoo! Japan A 50TB/day Transfer Rate With A New Active Archive System

Using DDN’s SFA7700X storage solution with IBM’s Spectrum Scale, Yahoo! Japan was able to build an active archive solution across dual continents. This active archive solution is a DR solution that is in response to both the every growing data needs and backup requirements, along with the Great East Japan Earthquake. The new solution can cache data from its OpenStack Swift private cloud at the rate of 11TB/hour and back up the data in its U.S. data center archive at a rate of 50TB/day.


IBM Spectrum Scale

Virtual Instruments Announced Load DynamiX Enterprise 5.2

Virtual Instruments announced the latest version of its integrated solution for workload acquisition, analysis, modeling and performance analytics, Load DynamiX 5.2. Key features include:

  • Temporal workload models for block-based storage – Previously in beta and now generally available, the innovative temporal workload models for FC and iSCSI allow users to simulate realistic application workloads that vary I/O characteristics over time.
  • iSCSI MPIO – Measure the load balancing and failover designs of a multipath iSCSI fabric.
  • Object response handler – Simulate how different cloud-based applications interact with different object stores by precisely defining how the object storage client responds to over 70 pre-defined HTTP response codes.
  • Fibre Channel (FC) LUN service – Significantly shortens the time required to configure a large multi-path Fibre Channel Test Bed.

Load DynamiX 5.2 is available now

VMware Integrated Containers Are Now Generally Available

As a feature of vSphere 6.5, VMware introduced integrated containers, vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC). The VIC is comprised of three open source technologies: VIC Engine, what VMware wants users to think of as a Docker façade on top of vSphere, the second, Harbor, is an enterprise Docker registry, and the third, Admiral (still in beta), adds container support to vRealize Automation.

The new integrated container feature is available now for Enterprise Plus customers and up.

Crucial Upgrades Its DDR4 Sever Memory To 2666MT/s

Crucial has increased its sever DDR4 DIMM speed to 2666MT/s. Not only is Crucial expanding its sever DIMM portfolio, it is offering speeds 11% faster than previously available. The new 2666MT/s DDR4 DIMMs are available from 8GB to 64GB.

The new modules are available now.

IBM Announced 12-month Free Trial Of Its Cloud Object Storage Solution

IBM was named a leader in IDC’s MarketScape on Worldwide Object-Based Storage 2016 Vendor Assessment for the third year. Along with this news IBM is announcing a “free-tier” through Bluemix. This allows customers to trial IBM Cloud Object Storage free for 12 months. Features include:

  • Cross-region U.S. resiliency – for storing unstructured data across three geo dispersed end-points
  • S3 API support
  • Built-in security with encryption for data-at-rest and IBM’s SecureSlice technology, which combines encryption and erasure coding for greater security and information dispersal which enhances data availability

IBM Cloud Object Storage Solution

Nasuni Raises $25 Million In Financing

Nasuni raised an additional $25 million in funding. Part of this funding comes from its Series E equity round, that brought in $17.5 million and $7.5 million in venture debt financing. This brings total financing to $80.5 million. Nasuni also announced that it now manages more than 12PB of data.

Nasuni main site

Datera & CoreOS Accelerate Stateful Kubernetes On-Prem Clouds

Datera is working with CoreOS to enable users to more easily deploy containerized stateful workloads running in on-premises Kubernetes clouds. Datera will be providing the storage with its Elastic Data Fabric and CoreOS will use its Tectonic to deliver “self-driving pure upstream Kubernetes, which allows for easy integration with this Datera innovation.”

Datera main site

CoreOS main site

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