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News Bits: HPE, StarTech, ClearSky Data, Apposite, Panzura, Unitrends, Nutanix, Cisco, & VMware

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. HPE helps SpaceX launch a supercomputer into space. StarTech releases U.2 to PCIe adaptor. ClearSky Data partners with major cloud vendors. Apposite releases high-density 10Gbps emulator. Panzura releases mobile client for Freedom line. Unitrends and Nutanix announce product integrations. Zensar enters partnership with Cisco around CloudCenter. VMware releases vSAN 6.6.1 upgrade guide.

HPE Helps SpaceX Launch A Supercomputer Into Space

Early in the week, Elon Musk’s SpaceX company launched yet another rocket (the SpaceX-12, Dragon) to the international space station (ISS) national lab. What may or may not have been lost in the whiz, bang, pow of the announcement was that there was an HPE supercomputer with HPE Apollo 40 class systems that have a high speed HPC interconnect running an open-source Linux operating system on board. The HPC system has been specifically designed by HPE to withstand its time in space and aide in the future missions to Mars.


StarTech Releases U.2 To PCIe Adaptor

U.2 NVMe drives typically come with huge gains in performance but don’t fit in the average PC. StarTech is solving this issue with the release of its SFF-8639, a U.2 To PCIe adaptor. This way a PC user can harness the performance gains of a U.2 drive if they have a free PCIe x4 slot.

The SFF-8639 is available now for $51.

SFF-8639 product page

ClearSky Data Partners With Major Cloud Vendors

ClearSky Data announced that it is expanding choice in the cloud by partnering with several of the major cloud vendors. There partnerships aide customers of ClearSky’s Edge product that can now use a multi-cloud environment for primary storage and backup. The vendors include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloudian, Google, and Virtustream.

ClearSky partner page

Apposite Releases High Density 10Gbps Emulator

Apposite Technologies announced the Netropy 10G4, its new WAN emulator. The Netropy 10G4 will have 8x 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and can support wire rate traffic up to 80Gbps in a single chassis. This emulator will help companies optimize traffic management before going live. The company will demo this new technology at VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas, August 27-30 at booth #1813.

Apposite Technologies

Panzura Releases Mobile Client For Freedom Line

Panzura announced that it has released the Panzura Mobile Client for its Panzura Freedom Line. This new client allows organizations to natively share files from the cloud to any device at any location. Features include:

  • Panzura Freedom Integration – Enables mobile access to existing shares without duplicating data offsite to third-party cloud services.
  • Freedom Data Services – Deduplication, compression, and military-grade encryption ensure efficient and secure file storage to meet cost and compliance requirements.
  • Any Platform, Any Cloud, Any Device – Panzura Freedom expands from any cloud in any combination of physical, virtual, or in-cloud instance to support mobile file sharing with iOS, Android, PC, and Mac clients.
  • Active Directory Authentication – Organizations retain control and maintain access to their data through Active Directory (AD) authentication.
  • Hybrid Cloud Ready – Supports multiple deployment options either on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Data Control – Improves data security and management by eliminating the need for third-party applications like Dropbox for unstructured data management.
  • Flexible Sharing Control Policies – Restricts sharing of files and folders to specific domains. Organizations have full control of sharing content by public or password-protected links.

Panzura Freedom

Unitrends & Nutanix Announce Product Integrations

Unitrends announced that it has updated its popular Recovery Series backup appliance and Unitrends Backup virtual appliance with integration for Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor. The integration can help customers reduce infrastructure costs while maintaining high availability. The integration is part of Nutanix Elevate Alliance Partner Program.



Zensar Enters Partnership With Cisco Around CloudCenter

Zensar Technologies announced that it has expanded its alliance with Cisco delivering next-generation Cloud management offerings with Cisco’s CloudCenter (CCC) capabilities. This expanded alliance helps Zensar through Cisco’s worldwide reach and helps Cisco by integrating The Vinci, Zensar’s in-house, integrated managed services platform, into CCC. Other benefits include:

  • Zensar will create a Cisco CloudCenter Lab to provide all expertise in one unit
  • Help customers manage their applications across multiple cloud platforms through the CCC
  • Enable customers to integrate new application development technologies such as PaaS platforms, containers and micro-services architectures through Zensar’s in house cloud product, The Vinci
  • Equip customers manage a hybrid environment that will intelligently place certain workloads in the best fitting third-party public cloud platform
  • The end-to-end Implementation to be provided by experts from Zensar team
  • Zensar will lend its expertise in Application Rationalization and Infrastructure Rationalization Consulting

Zensar Technologies


VMware Releases vSAN 6.6.1 Upgrade Guide

VMware listens to issues and sees possible efficiency improvements of its vSAN and then makes them. However, with its rapid-fire upgrade some users can get confused on the new features and the best way to implement them. With the latest release, vSAN 6.6.1, VMware has released a handy upgrade guide to help walk everyone through the changes, which in turn will help them make better use of the product. Highlights include:

  • Supported Upgrade Paths
  • vSAN OnDisk Format considerations
  • vSAN Networking considerations during upgrade and transitioning from multicast to unicast communications
  • Troubleshooting and worked examples

VMware vSAN Upgrade Guide

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