by Adam Armstrong

News Bits: IBM, Spinbackup, Nutanix, Cloudera, Zadara, Excelero, Boston Limited, & AC&NC

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. IBM announces two new features for Cloud Object Storage. Spinbackup leverages Blockchain technology for data protection. Nutanix certifies on Cloudera Enterprise. Zadara offers STaaS disaster relief for those hit by the recent hurricanes. Boston and Excelero announce NVMe-based Flash-IO Talyn server. AC&NC announces JetStor X RAID based on QSAN technology for American markets.

IBM Announces 2 New Features For Cloud Object Storage

IBM has hit what it is calling two major milestones for its on-premises IBM Cloud Object Storage system, new Compliance-Enabled Vaults and Compressed Dispersal mode capabilities. Both of the new capabilities are aimed at saving costs to the customers with Compliance-Enabled Vaults enabling the ability to store and manage compliance data at a significantly lower cost and Compressed Dispersal enabling the ability to deploy entry-level Cloud Object Storage systems at significantly lower cost.

IBM Object Storage

Spinbackup Leverages Blockchain Technology For Data Protection

The cloud security company, Spinbackup, announced it will soon be using blockchain technology for cloud-stored data and single sign-on access. Spinbackup will leverage the security of blockchain to replace typical security such as passwords. The company intends to issue “SPIN Tokens” to provide access to the SPIN Data Protection Platform that will include a set of data loss and leak protection solutions exclusively available for token holders.


Nutanix Certifies On Cloudera Enterprise

Nutanix announced that its Enterprise Cloud Platform software has been certified to run Cloudera Enterprise workloads through the Cloudera Certified Technology Program. This certification allows joint customers to reduce management complexity and derive more value by deploying and managing their Cloudera analytics workloads on Nutanix. The certification can also reduce costs by running workloads on an on-premises, elastic, software-driven infrastructure that can scale on-demand.


Cloudera Enterprise is now certified to run on select Nutanix platforms.


Zadara Offers STaaS Disaster Relief For Those Hit By The Recent Hurricanes

Zadara Storage is offering access (up to 1PB) to its enterprise-class Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) at no-charge for six months to areas affected by the recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. The two main benefits it offers are:

  • Zadara Storage On-Premises – Zadara Storage will ship its storage equipment to a company’s own site, where data can be restored and brought back to an operational state. Zadara Storage will provide the equipment and managed services (On-Premises-as-a-Service) free of charge.
  • Zadara Storage In the Cloud – If a company would prefer to outsource its computing instead of incurring capital expenses, Zadara Storage will provide free storage services that connect to public cloud partners such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or others to enable companies to bring their cloud-based infrastructure back online quickly, without incurring storage costs.

Companies affected can request assistance from Zadara here.

Boston Limited & Excelero Announce NVMe-Based Flash-IO Talyn Server

Boston Limited has partnered with Excelero for its new Boston Flash-IO Talyn Server. The server leverages Excelero’s NVMesh technology to tackle the issue of shared access to NVMe flash storage volumes at the low latency and high-performance required by GPU-based applications, yet with minimum processor overhead. The Boston Flash-IO Talyn will be on live demonstration at GTC Europe on stand G.05 coupled with a GPU server solution showcasing V-Ray by BETA Tester Andre Matos from Chaos Group.

Boston Limited


AC&NC Announces JetStor X RAID Based On QSAN Technology

AC&NC announced that its popular JetStor X RAID platforms, based on QSAN technology, will now be available in the American markets. JetStor X RAID platforms are Fibre Channel and iSCSI SAN and NAS systems with 99.999% availability, multi-petabyte scalability, and quoted performance of up to 12GB/s sequential reads and 8GB/s sequential writes and over 1.1 million sequential IOPS. Benefits, options, and features of JetStor X RAID include:

  • The lineup of JetStor X solutions features 2U, 3U, and 4U high-density, highly-scalable chassis. When coupled with JBODs, the 2U JetStor 826iXD platform, for example, scales up to 2.6 petabytes of capacity. They support both SSDs and HDDs, allowing customers to choose between searing flash performance or cost-effective storage, and everything in between.
  • JetStor X platforms support the range of RAID levels to maximize performance and data protection. They have no single point of failure and feature dual-active controllers and redundant, hot pluggable components.
  • JetStor X RAID solutions offer advanced functionalities for added value and efficiencies. QCache is a secondary cache that positions SSD drives between the RAID controller and hard-disk drives, greatly accelerating reads and writes while leveraging the economy of the mechanical drives.
  • The QThin thin-provisioning storage pool architecture enables each JetStor X platform to support more host servers with a fewer number of hard drives, thereby reducing acquisition costs.
  • QTiering auto-tiering dynamically places hot data on SSDs or faster hard drives and cold data on lower cost high-capacity drives, ensuring storage is both fast and cost-effective.
  • QSnap snapshots, based on block-based, copy-on-write technology, allows a volume to be quickly recovered to meet even stringent RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time Objectives).
  • For added data protection, QClone duplicates a volume in the same storage pool as well as in a separate storage pool within the same enclosure. Subsequent clones are differential copies created using QSnap snapshot functionality.
  • QReplica 2.0 offers block-level, asynchronous, differential remote volume backup across the LAN or WAN. With capabilities like unlimited bandwidth, traffic shaping, and multiple connections per replication task, it is the most cost-effective and efficient way to perform remote data backups. Additionally, the JetStor X series can support multiple topologies to suit various disaster recovery configurations.


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