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News Bits: Mesosphere, Panzura, Docker, Cisco, DDN, TYAN, Enmotus, Micron, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. Mesosphere reports that it tripled revenue. Mesosphere reports that it tripled its revenue. Panzura integrate Docker into its Freedom line. Cisco invests $1 billion in smart cities. DDN announces new HPC solutions. TYAN accelerates adoption of NVDIMMS & GPUs for storage. Enmotus and Micron showcase NVDIMM tier of storage. Scality and HPE integrate for object storage. Excelero’s NVMesh gets deployed at Canada’s largest supercomputer. Panzura integrates with Frame.

Mesosphere Reports That It Tripled Revenue

Mesosphere announced that it has seen its revenue triple year on year as well as gaining new customers and expanding its global talent base. The company now has over 300 employees, 125 customers (with more than ten of the contracts for over $1 million), and partners like HPE, Dell EMC, Hitachi Vantara, and Microsoft. Five out of the top ten banks in North America use Mesosphere.


Panzura Integrate Docker Into Its Freedom Line

Panzura announced that its Freedom line now integrates with Docker. This gives DevOps a persistent and mobile storage for Docker. Other benefits include:

  • Distributed global namespace, a universal file directory that uniquely eliminates islands of storage while reducing cost and complexity with a single, unified view of the files across clouds and data centers.
  • SmartSync, a patented technology, making data persistent and mobile. Real-time metadata synchronization keeps files constantly synchronized across sites. It copies files in real-time from any location to any other location without copying the data. Only the metadata is copied, which contains global deduplication keys and cloud references.
  • Distributed file and byte-range locking, another patented technology, makes it possible for data to be consistently available globally.
  • Encryption, both for data at rest and data in transit, delivers the highest level of cloud data protection.

Panzura Docker

Cisco Invests $1 Billion In Smart Cities

Smart citites can make the population safer, healthier, save money, and can cut down on energy waste and pollution. The biggest thing holding cities back from making the switch is the initial costs. Cisco is looking to remedy this with its new City Infrastructure Financing Acceleration Program (CIFAP). CIFAP offers $1 billion in debt and equity capital to get cities started on their smart city journey.

Cisco City Infrastructure Financing Acceleration Program

DDN Announces New HPC Solutions

This year at SC17, DDN announced new HPC storage solutions and capabilities as well as a next-generation monitoring solution, DDN Insight. Announcements at the show included:

  • DDN IME140 : DDN has expanded its IME product line with the new IME140 that makes IME scale-out flash accessible to more organizations at lower cost. The IME140 supports extreme file performance in a small 1U flash data appliance. Each appliance can deliver more than 11GB/s write and 20GB/s read throughputs and more than 1M file IOPs (read and write). Starting with a resilient solution as small as 4 units, the IME140 allows organizations to cost-effectively scale performance independent of amount of capacity required. Traditional parallel file systems often cannot keep pace with the mixed I/O requirements of modern workloads and fail to deliver the potential of flash. The IME software implements a faster, leaner data path which delivers to applications the low-latencies and high throughputs of NVMe. The IME140 1U building block allows organizations to intelligently apply fast flash where it is needed, while maintaining cost-effective capacity on HDD within the file system.
  • DDN Insight : DDN Insight is DDN’s next-generation monitoring software.  Easy to deploy, DDN Insight allows customers to monitor the most challenging environments at scale, across multiple file systems and storage appliances. With DDN Insight customers can quickly identify and address hot spots, bottlenecks and misbehaving applications. Tightly integrated with SFA, EXAScaler, GRIDScaler and IME, DDN Insight delivers an intuitive way for customers to comprehensively monitor their complete DDN-based ecosystem.
  • DDN SFA Declustered RAID (SFA DCR): The growth of drive capacities, as exemplified by the recently released 12TB Near Line SAS drive, has exposed the limitations and inflexibility of traditional RAID configurations. Since traditional RAID pools are constrained to a small drive count, rebuild times can become long due to the limited spindles supporting the rebuild operation. This limitation exposes storage systems to long periods of performance degradation during rebuilds and higher potential data loss due to multiple simultaneous disk failures. DDN’s SFA systems have mitigated these limitations using an overprovisioned backend and highly optimized rebuild algorithms. Now DDN’s new SFA Declustered RAID (DCR) goes a step further removes the constraint of a small, fixed drive count RAID pools and allows data and parity information to be distributed among a much larger, user configurable, number of disks. Offered on DDN’s SFA14KX, DCR improves data resilience and provides faster rebuild times, higher IOPs performance, larger virtual drives, and increased storage efficiency, among other benefits.

The DDN IME140 is expected to ship in volume in the first quarter of 2018. The SFA DCR is shipping today with the SFA14KX, and DDN Insight monitoring software is integrated and shipping today with DDN’s SFA, EXAScaler, GRIDScaler and IME solutions.


TYAN Accelerates Adoption Of NVDIMMS & GPUs For Storage

TYAN announced that one of its Thunder servers would be supporting Netlist’s NVvault non-volatile memory for cache and Nyraid’s GPU-accelerated storage platform, NSULATE. The combined technology is said to be able to achieve millions of IOPS, “sustaining high throughput while also enabling levels of storage resilience and integrity - impossible with traditional central processing unit (CPU) or redundant array of independent disks (RAID) -based solutions.” Solutions with the combined technology are expected to be available early next year.


Enmotus & Micron Showcase NVDIMM Tier Of Storage

Micron, with the help of the automation and analytics software company Enmotus, demonstrated a fully automated tiered volume consisting of NVDIMMs and NVMe flash technology as SC17 this year. The two companies said that they were able to hit almost 2 million IOPS in a Dell PowerEdge 740xd server. This level of performance would be ideal in several HPC environments.



Scality & HPE Integrate For Object Storage

Scality announced that it has integrated its RING object storage software with HPE’s Apollo 4000 density-optimized storage servers. While this integration has been going on for some time, now the companies can bring an appliance-like deployment for object storage with unified management and support from HPE. The HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING is available now.

HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING (PDF)

Excelero’s NVMesh Gets Deployed At Canada’s Largest Supercomputer

Excelero announced that its NVMesh sever SAN has been deployed in SciNet, Canada’s largest supercomputer. According to SciNet, it was able to leverage Excelero’s NVMesh technology to create a “peta-scale storage system that leverages the full performance of NVMe SSDs at scale, over the network – easily meeting SLA requirements for completing checkpoints in 15 minutes.” The computer was able to hit 148GB/s of write burst (device limited) and 230GB/s of read throughput (network limited), in addition to well over 20M random 4K IOPS. This is yet another impressive showing from Excelero.


Panzura Integrates With Frame

In other Panzura related news, the company announced that it is also integrating its Freedom line with Frame.  The main thrust of this integration centers around real-time collaborations for virtual workspaces. The two companies go on to claim that customers could potentially see dramatic productivity improvements for global design projects while reducing unstructured data storage costs up to 70%.

Frame Cloud Platfrom

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