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News Bits: Morro Data, Azure, Panzura, E8 Storage, Scality, Portworx, Intel, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Morro Data now supports Azure active directory. Panzura announces Mobile 2.0. E8 Storage announces InfiniBand support. Scality raises $60 million in funding. Portworx and Intel announce reference architecture for containerized applications. Virtual Instruments extends its integration with Cisco. Commvault expands AWS GovCloud solutions. Pivotal goes public.

Morro Data Now Supports Azure Active Directory

Morro Data released its CloudNAS platform with support for Azure Active Directory. This new support is in addition to its existing support for local Active Directory. This is especially appealing for CloudNAS users that leverage Office365. Features include:

  • Single Sign-On: One username and password across all cloud platforms. Office365 users use the same login they already have. 
  • Self-Service Features: Users can add themselves to the Morro Data Cloud Manager. Users can login through the Access Panel and reset passwords. Admins can create, read, write, and delete, entries in the directory. 
  • High Availability: Identity management as a service using Azure. Durability of Azure AD: We guarantee at least 99.9 percent availability of the Azure Active Directory Basic and Premium services. 
  • Secure Access: Clients with Azure AD added accounts are auto-authenticated on the file server. 

Morro Data with Azure AD

Panzura Announces Mobile 2.0

Panzura announced the latest version of its Mobile Client for its Freedom Line, version 2.0. The latest version is available now with key features and benefits including: 

  • Read/Write to Panzura CloudFS Edit and write net new files to CloudFS, with all written data immediately consistent across the entire file system.
  • Integrated TLS Encryption Proxy Meets HIPAA, PCI and NIST security compliance standards
  • MDM solutions integration Integrates with mobile device management (MDM) solutions for remote device tracking, configuration, lock and wiping of the file, folder, or device, and enforced password restrictions.
  • Active Directory sharing flexibility Extends ability to share files and folders with non­AD users and business partners through secure guest account access.
  • Customized protection policies Set policies to preserve security of shared data through password protection and/or links set to expire at a given time.
  • Brand continuity Maintain brand consistency by incorporating corporate logos across all mobile solutions.

Panzura Freedom

E8 Storage Announces InfiniBand Support

E8 Storage announced the availability of InfiniBand support to its high performance, NVMe storage solutions. Working tightly with its long-standing partner, Mellanox, this support will allow HPC customers to hit even higher speeds and lower latency that they need for their workloads. E8 Storage software and appliances with InfiniBand support are available now

E8 Storage

Scality Raises $60 Million In Funding

Scality announced that it was able to secure an addition $60 million in funding. This brings the company’s total to $152 million. The funding round was arranged by Silverpeak, a leading Europe-based technology-focused independent investment bank. Scality intends to use the newly raised capital for engineering to innovate in ways that transform IT and simplify the path to creating value with data.


Portworx & Intel Announce Reference Architecture For Containerized Applications

Portworx announced that it has partnered with Intel to release reference architecture that illustrates how data center and cloud architects can build enterprise scale container and microservices infrastructure using Portworx and Intel technology to achieve unprecedented data performance, high availability and resiliency. Portworx goes on to state that the new reference architecture can reduce TCO and increase flexibility and scalability. The companies also completed benchmarks including:

  • Storage benchmarks to demonstrate the raw system performance of PX-Enterprise devices.  
  • Application performance suites to demonstrate performance of real-world applications running on a PX-Enterprise storage platform.

Portworx Reference Architecture

Virtual Instruments Extends Its Integration With Cisco

Virtual Instruments announced that Cisco SAN Telemetry Streaming and AppDynamics applications intelligence platform are integrated with VirtualWisdom 5.6. This integration allows both VirtualWisdom and AppDynamics to share a common view of the infrastructure consumed by business applications. Users of SAN Telemetry Streaming are given holistic visibility into Fibre Channel SAN Fabrics along the entire Cisco MDS 32GB portfolio. The combination is aimed at ensure the highest availability and performance. 


Commvault Expands AWS GovCloud Solutions

Commvault announced that it was expanding its services with AWS specifically through AWS GovCloud for government agencies. Benefits to the new customer group include: 

  • Lower Operational Costs: Reduce the administrative and storage overhead for infrequently accessed data by tiering to the right levels of AWS cloud storage.
  • Free Up Existing Data Center Space: Automatically tier older/infrequently accessed data to the cloud, freeing up existing more expensive disk, to accommodate ongoing data growth.
  • Match Storage Costs to Service Levels: System Integrator (SI) partners and internal IT organizations can align storage costs to SLA profile of services/applications with automated policy-based data movement and tiering.
  • Reduce Complexity: Integrate data management of both local storage and cloud storage from a single console minimizes administrative overhead and the need for specialized gateway appliances.
  • Reduce Security Risks: Encryption of data in-flight and at-rest with integrated, FIPS certified Commvault encryption software.


Pivotal Goes Public

Today Pivotal Software went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: PVTL). The companies IPO was $15/share. The stock opened strong and dipped down a bit as of this writing, however the market as a whole was in a sell off mood this morning. 

Pivotal Investor Relations

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