by Adam Armstrong

News Bits: NETGEAR, NAKIVO, Dell, Linux, ODPi, Cisco, Scality, iboss, Microsemi, & More

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. NETGEAR introduces new consumer WiFi system. NAKIVO releases version 7 with support for Hyper-V. Dell releases its lightest, smallest, and most power-efficient entry-level thin client. The Linux Foundation and ODPi launch a free intro to Apache Hadoop course. Scality RING is now validated by Cisco. iboss offers industry’s first distributed gateway platform offered as 100% SaaS subscription. Microsemi releases new storage I/O controllers. CTERRA’s Cloud Server Data Protection Platform is now available on-demand on AWS Marketplace. Quest Software unveils its virtualization management and data protection software, VROOM.

NETGEAR Introduces New Consumer WiFi System

NETGEAR has introduced the first tri-band home WiFi system, Orbi. Orbi is designed ensure fast WiFi throughout small to medium houses. Delivering 802.11ac AC2200 WiFi speeds up to 2.2Gbps, the Orbi allows users to enjoy fast speeds all over the home.

Features include:

  • Innovative Tri-Band WiFi system providing combined WiFi speeds up to AC2200 on the Orbi Router and Satellite creates a dedicated wireless connection between the Orbi router and the satellite or satellites, similar to a wired Ethernet connection
  • Simultaneous 2.4GHz and5GHz WiFi on the router and satellite for connecting to user's home devices all under one WiFi name
  • Easy setup with a single and secure WiFi network; Orbicomes pre-paired and configured and works with your Internet service provider (ISP) right out of the box
  • Advanced WiFi security with automated updates, WPS-protected setup, 64/128 bit WEP; WPA/WPA-2 PSK, WPA/WPA-2 Enterprise
  • Auto-updates of firmware available to ensure users have the latest security and software updates
  • Satellites extend WiFi signals and maintain one network name(SSID)for the entire network (2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands) throughout the home for seamless connectivity and roaming
  • Guest WiFi network—easily setup separate and secure Internet access for guests4 Gigabit Ethernet ports on the Orbi router and on the satellite (wall-plug satellite does not include Ethernet)
  • Support for advanced router features such as IPv6, dynamic DNS, port forwarding, parental controls, Virtual Private Network (VPN) termination and access point mode
  • Easy installation using the browser or Orbi Mobile App for iOS and Android

NETGEAR Orbi Home WiFi systems are available now. Priced at:

  • RBK30 -One Orbi AC2200 router and one wall plug satellite–MSRP $299.99
  • RBK40 -One Orbi AC2200 router and one matching satellite –MSRP $349.99
  • RBK50 -The original Orbi AC3000router with matching satellite –MSRP $399.99

NETGEAR Orbi Home WiFi systems

NAKIVO Releases v7 With Support For Hyper-V

NAKIVO has announced the latest version of its backup and replication software, version 7. The latest version offers several new features and support, including:

  • Support for Hyper-V 2016 and 2012 (R2)
  • Support for VMware vSphere 6.5
  • Skip swap files and partitions
  • Active Directory Integration


Dell Releases Its Lightest, Smallest, & Most Power-Efficient Entry-Level Thin Client

Dell has announced its smallest, yet still powerful, thin client the Wyse 3040. Size wise, it is only 1.1 inches tall, 3.75 inches wide and deep, and only weighs 0.53lbs. Though it is diminutive in size, the thin client sports an Intel Atom X5 1.44GHz quad-core processor that supports up to 2GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB flash. The Wyse 3040 is compatible with all of the major virtualization software brokers including Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS and VMware Horizon.

Wyse 3040 specifications:

  • OS:
    • Wyse ThinOS (with optional PCoIP support)
    • Wyse ThinLinux(Coming Soon)
  • Display: Dual display support (2560x1600 @ 60Hz)
  • Power: Under 5 Watts power consumption
  • Ports
    • 3 USB 2.0
    • 1 USB 3.0
    • 1 Audio-mic combo jack
    • 2 DisplayPort
    • 1 RJ45
  • Connectivity:
    • 10Mb/100Mb/1Gb Copper RJ45 (Wired Ethernet),
    • Dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless option and Bluetooth option (coming soon)
  • Multimedia:
    • Audio-mic combo jack
    • Integrated speakers
  • Memory: 2GB RAM

Dell Wyse 3040

Linux Foundation & ODPi Launch A Free Intro To Apache Hadoop Course

The Linux Foundation announced that its newest massive open online course (MOOC) is available for registration; the course is LFS103x - Introduction to Apache Hadoop. The course is taught by Hadoop experts from The Linux Foundation’s ODPi project and is offered through edX.

Students can learn:

  • The origins of Apache Hadoop and its big data ecosystem
  • Deploying Hadoop in a clustered environment of a modern day enterprise IT
  • Building data lake management architectures around Apache Hadoop
  • Leveraging the YARN framework to effectively enable heterogeneous analytical workloads on Hadoop clusters
  • Leveraging Apache Hive for an SQL-centric view into the enterprise data lake
  • An introduction to managing key Hadoop components (HDFS, YARN and Hive) from the command line
  • Securing and scaling your data lakes in multi-tenant enterprise environments

Linux Foundation training

Scality RING Is Now Validated By Cisco

Scality announced that its RING object software has been validated by Cisco to run on Cisco UCS S3260 storage server and integrated UCS Manager. Not only can customers run Scality RING on Cisco UCS servers, the two companies are also announcing their new joint customer, C Spire.



iboss Offers Industry’s First Distributed Gateway Platform Offered As 100% SaaS Subscription

iboss introduced what it is referring to as a ground-breaking platform and packaging model for its distributed gateway platform. iboss’s distributed gateway platform leverages an elastic, node-based architecture built for the cloud and has a stated design of solving the dual challenges of providing advanced security for today’s distributed organizations and scaling to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of global enterprises – without the need for customers to ever buy and manage expensive on-premises appliances again. The distributed gateway platform will now be offered as a 100% SaaS subscription.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminates backhaul costs: Eliminates the need to backhaul data and expensive bandwidth, infrastructure (i.e. VPN and MPLS links), and legacy SWG appliances, delivering immediate ROI.
  • No network reconfiguration: The unique architecture allows for the drop-in replacement of legacy SWG appliances with no disruption to the existing network topology, configuration, or processes, which shortens implementation time and reduces costs.
  • Eliminates CAPEX costs: Customers never buy secure web gateway hardware appliances again to add capacity, new features, or manage legacy end-of-life upgrades.
  • Data center savings: Eliminates ancillary power, space and operating costs associated with server farms and load balancers.
  • On-demand scalability: Elastic scaling enables customers to easily add target capacity and capabilities to support organizational growth, increased bandwidth, and device requirements.
  • Total control: Unique non-shared cloud and local gateways put control of change management schedules with customers and improves overall system security.
  • Consistent user experience: No matter the combination of cloud and local gateways an organization chooses to deploy, all features, functions, policies and security services are consistent across the distributed enterprise regardless of device or location.

iboss Product Packaging

Microsemi Releases New Storage I/O Controllers

Microsemi has released its new generation of storage input/output (I/O) controller products, the SmartROC 3100 and SmartIOC 2100. These new controllers are powered by Microsemi’s Unified Smart Storage Stack and enhance the company’s offerings for data center application.

Enhancements include:

  • Common firmware and software stack across all product variants, increasing reliability, improving end customer use experience and reducing qualification efforts
  • Density optimized, with variants available in 8-, 16- and 24-port configurations for 12Gbps SAS and 6Gbps SATA
  • Two additional dedicated boot drive ports available with the 16- and 24-port variants
  • Support for the latest storage media, including both the latest generation of 6 Gbps SATA and 12 Gbps SAS SSDs for performance applications and SAS or SATA Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) drives for cold storage applications
  • PCIe Gen 3 x8 host interface compliant to base specification 3.1
  • Enhanced hardware acceleration for RAID 0/1/10/5/6/50/60
  • maxCrypto, third generation data-at-rest controller based encryption engines
  • Significant integration of green backup components for footprint and bill of materials cost reduction for RAID applications with a protected write cache

The Microsemi SmartRoC 3100 and SmartIOC 2100 controller product families are available now.

Microsemi Smart Storage Platform

CTERA’s Cloud Server Data Protection Platform Is Now Available On-Demand On AWS Marketplace

CTERA Networks announced that its Cloud Server Data Protection Platform is now available on-demand on AWS Marketplace. According to CTERA, this will allow its customers to quickly and easily deploy a fully automated file-level backup and recovery solution for cloud-based servers and applications. Customers can reap cost benefits as well, leveraging information lifecycle tools from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to intelligently place backup data on Amazon S3-Standard Infrequent Access tier (Standard – IA), where storage is priced as low as $0.0125/GB/month.

CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection on AWS

Quest Software Unveils Its Virtualization Management & Data Protection Software, VROOM

Quest Software has unveiled its new solution, Quest VROOM, that it states will combine virtualization management and data protection software to empower IT and virtual administrators to proactively manage, monitor and protect data and applications across multi-hypervisor and hybrid virtual infrastructures.

Key features and capabilities of Quest VROOM include:

  • Improve user experience with end-to-end everything. Gain complete, uninterrupted visibility into VMware and Hyper-V environments with monitoring and management across the entire virtualization infrastructure stack. Organizations can protect and recover full systems, applications and data across physical, virtual and cloud deployments.
  • Cut costs with capacity and resource management. Easily monitor and assess current workload capacity, identify shortfalls, analyze alternative scenarios, and plan for data center growth or additional virtualized workloads. Safely deploy additional virtual machines (VMs) by identifying available slots. Forecast exhaustion of resources in VMs and estimate purchasing requirements by modelling hardware changes.
  • Reduce risk with near-zero Recovery Time Objectives and aggressive Recovery Point Objectives. Achieve easy, scalable protection for growing virtual environments by protecting VMware and Hyper-V VMs without disrupting applications and users. The “Rapid Snap for Virtual and Applications” feature allows administrators to take incremental-forever snapshots that capture an entire application and its relevant state, as often as every five minutes, for complete application and system recovery with near-zero RTOs and aggressive RPOs.


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