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News Bits: RAIDIX, Kaminario, Violin, Morro Data, Wasabi, Virtual Instruments, E8, SK Hynix, & Accelerite

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. RAIDIX releases version 4.6. Kaminario transitions to a software model. Violin expands its customers and partners and announces new patent. Morro Data and Wasabi partner to deliver cloud storage with NAS performance. Virtual Instruments expands its channel partner program. E8 Storage sets record-breaking benchmark. SK Hynix reports record revenue and profits. Accelerite announces general availability of Rovius Cloud Appliance.

RAIDIX Releases Version 4.6

RAIDIX announced the latest version of its SDS technology, RAIDIX 4.6. Benefits include:

  • High performance – optimized paralleling of RAID algorithm calculations
  • Business continuity – due to patented RAID levels data remains intact even if multiple disks fail
  • Optimal price-to-performance – maximum utilization of commodity hardware and decreased TCO
  • Flexibility – full support of SAN and NAS protocols, the majority of operating systems, and professional applications


Kaminario Transitions To A Software Model

Kaminario has announced that it will be transitioning to a software-centric business model. To help with the transition Kaminario is partnering with Tech Data that will provide supply chain, integration and product support services for Kaminario’s composable data platform solutions, including K2. Kaminario will focus its efforts on innovating its software.


Violin Expands Its Customers & Partners & Announces New Patent

Violin Systems announced that it was expanding its presence outside of North America with growth in Europe and APAC. On top of that, the company announced that it has been issued a new patent (9,852,076). The patent involves caching deduplicated LUN metadata in a fashion that is sensitive to the different and changing spatial and temporal access characteristics of different workloads in a multi-tenant system. This would help the company improve performance and cost while providing differentiated service to each tenant.

Violin Systems

Morro Data & Wasabi Partner To Deliver Cloud Storage With NAS Performance

Morro Data announced that it would be incorporating Wasabi’s cloud storage servie into its CloudNAS Essentials, CloudNAS Business, and CloudNAS Enterprise storage services. This combination will give customers the following:

  • Unlimited Primary Storage on Morro Cloud
  • Multiple Office File Sync with Morro’s Global File System
  • Instant Disaster Recovery by syncing TBs of file system to a newly provisioned CacheDrive in minutes

Morro Data’s CloudNAS Series with Wasabi is available now.

Morro Data


Virtual Instruments Enhances Its Channel Partner Program

Virtual Instruments has made several changes to its Virtual Instruments Partner (VIP) Program. New benefits include:

  • A streamlined onboarding process
  • Increased and guaranteed margin rewards for VI Partner-originated, non-standard pricing opportunities
  • Demand generation programs and access to joint marketing development funds (MDF)
  • An easy-to-navigate discount program based on partner tiers and lead origination
  • Access to online demonstration environments, the VIP Partner Portal, which offers online training, lead and opportunity registration, marketing materials and more

Virtual Instruments VIP

E8 Storage Sets Record-Breaking Benchmark

E8 Storage is happy to announce that it has published its first public benchmark result, and it is a record-breaker. On the SPEC SF2014, E8 was able to show over 2.5x more builds than IBM Spectrum Scale, roughly 300K more IOPS and had the lowest latency of the group tested. Not a bad start to the new year for the company.

E8 Storage

SK Hynix Reports Record Revenue & Profits

The semiconductor company, SK Hynix, reported record revenue, operating profit, and net income both annually and quarterly this week. The company is reporting a 2017 revenue of 30.1 trillion won ($28.3 billion USD) and a quarterly revenue 9.03 trillion won ($8.5 billion USD). The company is also reporting record net income with an annual net income of 10.64 trillion won (roughly $10 billion USD) and for the quarter 3.22 trillion won (or $3 billion USD).

SK Hynix

Accelerite Announces GA Of Rovius Cloud Appliance

This week Accelertie announced the general availability of its Rovius Cloud Appliance. This product suite is developed on Dell EMC infrastructure and according to the company, bridges the gap between on-premises infrastructure and public cloud to support increasingly distributed, elastic and unpredictable workloads. Included in the suite:

  • Rovius Compute Node, with four powerful servers to provide compute infrastructure for running up to 150 virtual machines
  • Rovius Controller, each supporting up to 500 Rovius Compute Nodes
  • Rovius Storage Nodes, with software-defined storage ranging from 12TB to 144TB

Accelerite Rovius Cloud Appliance

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