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News Bits: Red Hat, Workspot, Druva, MapR, Cisco, Scality, Cloudistics, HPE, & Zerto

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content not the impact they have. Red Hat releases the latest version of its Ceph Storage. Workspot is now available in Azure Marketplace. Druva joins CSA. MapR creates Cloud-Scale Data Fabric. Cisco declares cash dividend. Scality releases RING7. Cloudistics announces new Cloud Computing Program. Zerto joins HPE Complete Program.

Red Hat Releases The Latest Version Of Its Ceph Storage

Red Hat Inc. announced the latest version of its Ceph Storage based on Ceph 10.2 (Jewel), Ceph Storage 2.3. That latest version adds a Network File System (NFS) interface, offers new compatibility with the Hadoop S3A filesystem client, and adds support for deployment in containerized environments. Red Hat Ceph Storage 2.3 is expected to be generally available later this month.

Red Hat Ceph Storage

Workspot Is Now Available In Azure Marketplace

Workspot announced that its that its industry-first, cloud-native VDI solution is available to customers through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Unique benefits to Azure users include:

  • Dramatically simplified VDI management through a turnkey, cloud-native service, unlike traditional VDI vendors who offer lengthy reference architecture documents but little support.
  • Simple Windows 10 migration enabled on Azure that rapidly provisions all the apps and desktops on behalf of the customer.
  • Lower capital and operating expenses and consolidated, predictable monthly bills.
  • Instant and infinite scalability and  fast connection speeds.
  • Time to productivity in days, not months, with a unique, no-risk engagement model that doesn’t bill customers until they are up, running and happy.


Druva Joins CSA

Druva announced that it has joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The CSA is the world's leading organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. Through joining, Druva plans to educate and help companies make the most of Cloud Computing to secure their data.

Druva main site


MapR Creates Cloud-Scale Data Fabric

MapR Technologies Inc. announced a cloud-scale data store to manage files and containers, MapR-XD. MapR-XD includes:

  • Files, Container Support - MapR-XD eliminates data silos and simplifies management across files and containers. MapR-XD provides unified security, data protection, and high availability across diverse data types.  The same underlying data can be accessed through a wide range of industry standard APIs including NFS, POSIX, HDFS and S3 to simplify development, administration, and eliminate data  sprawl.
  • Global exabyte scale - MapR-XD easily scales to support trillions of files, exabytes of data, on thousands of commodity servers or cloud instances, all accessible through a single global namespace. Additionally it reduces operational complexity and provides a single, scalable view of resources, simplifying access for users, applications and containers.
  • Cloud-grade reliability - MapR-XD delivers high availability, data protection and disaster recovery with no single points of failure, fully distributed metadata, point-in-time snapshots and high-performance, distributed mirroring.
  • Speed at Scale with Flash- The MapR-XD utilizes the full power of network interconnects and takes advantage of the available performance of the underlying heterogeneous hardware such as disk, flash, GPU. Automated capabilities such as logical partitioning, parallel processing for disparate workloads, bottleneck avoidance with I/O shaping and optimizations, ensure maximum performance across a cluster. MapR-XD includes an extremely high performance POSIX Client that provides up to 10x the performance of a typical NFS gateway.
  • Stateful Persistence for Containerized Applications - MapR-XD includes a secure optimized container client for providing containers with access to persisted data. The client supports both legacy and new containerized event based microservices applications; multiple data types of files, containers, database, event streams; works with multiple schedulers such as kubernetes, mesos, docker swarm; and across any infrastructure such as on-premise, multiple clouds and edge.   
  • Flexibility to leverage multiple infrastructures - MapR-XD supports edge, on-premises and cloud environments with the same platform. It enables multi-temperature capabilities across flash, disk and cloud tiers with support for containers and automated data movement to address performance and cost, and compliance concerns.
  • IoT Edge made easy: MapR-XD for the edge provides the ability to deploy processing and storage capabilities close to an IoT data source, such as in a car, medical device, or jet engine.  MapR-XD can store and process machine or sensor generated data for seamless integration with a centralized Converged Data Platform where global aggregation and analysis would be performed.
  • Extensible architecture - MapR-XD is a powerful component of the Converged Data Platform enabling customers to easily and seamlessly leverage additional capabilities including database, stream processing, and integrated analytics on the same platform.

MapR main site

Cisco Declares Cash Dividend

Cisco’s board of directors declared a quarterly dividend of $0.29/common share to be paid on July 26, 2017 to all shareholders of record. This marks the second dividend in a row with the same price per share that last being paid out on April 26.

Cisco Investor Relations

Scality Releases RING7

Scality has released the latest version of its new appliance-inspired multi-site scale-out filesystem and object storage solution, RING7. The latest version of RING puts security in the spotlight as it tackles cybersecurity breaches with file and object versioning, geo-distribution, data location control, and replication to AWS S3. RING7 is now available.

Scality RING

Cloudistics Announces New Cloud Computing Program

Cloudistics announced that it has launched its new North America Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Program to offer an alternative to large hyper-scale public clouds. The program consists of:

  • Cloudistics StarterCloud: An easy way for MSPs to test drive and begin building their own private cloud services – with all the features and functionality of the public cloud, but without breaking the bank. Cloudistics StarterCloud gives qualified MSPs access to a complete Cloudistics On-Premise Cloud Platform at a specially discounted introductory price. As user's cloud environment needs to scale up and out, they can simply add more resources at the special discounted MSP partner pricing.
  • Cloudistics ReadyCloud: MSPs get a utility pricing model that scales as the business grows. Once a base system is purchased (HW only), Cloudistics will bill the MSP monthly for only what is consumed by the MSP’s customers.  The cloud utility pricing plan is designed to match costs profiles to revenue profiles.  Like other public cloud vendors, users can consume the Cloudistics platform and pay only for what they use.   At the end of each month, Cloudistics will measure how much memory was allocated to the clouds and how many GB/month were used, just like other public clouds.

Cloudistics main site

Zerto Joins HPE Complete Program

Zerto announced that it has joined HPE’s Complete Program. This program acts as a one-stop shop for HPE customers and allows them to buy products, such as Zerto’s, directly from HPE and its resellers. This gives Zerto a much wider net to potentially catch new customers. 

Zerto main site

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